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" Don't take to long!," my dad yelled as I marched up the stairs to my room.

I didn't even try to respond I was still angry that after two years my mom would leave my side and defend Jenifer.

I had to be a good daughter not just for my mom but for my dad too.

I entered my room and looked for my suitcase. Time to pack.

" Come on! It's taking you to long!," I heard my dad yelled.

" I'm coming down!," I yelled. It only took half an hour to pack. But when I looked at the mirror I flipped.

My eyeliner and mascara were now smudged black trails beneath my eyes and against my cheeks. My perfect hair was wild and random chunks of hair stuck out of my head. I ran a hand through my hair and couldn't smooth it out. For the love of God I looked like...words were just indescribable.

That's why it took me another two hours to finish up.

After carefully reapplying my makeup and almost going blind trying to get the intensity of my eyes just right with mascara I was satisfied with my look.

I heard a car pull in the driveway.

Mom changed her mind.

I walked over to my window and saw CJ's car. Which was actually he's mom's.

My heart was racing I wasn't sure what to do. I regretted even asking him to come with with us skiing in Aspen.

I scoffed saying it in my head were going skiing in Aspen.

What was happening to me! Two weeks ago I over heard Melissa Grantford talking to Paul O'Malley about going to Aspen.

So cliché.

I picked up my bags and rushed downstairs.

By the time I got there I saw Raina and CJ sitting in the living room.

" Hey Tati I was just talking to your friends!," my dad said smiling.

"Oh..." nothing to be excited about I knew my dad wasn't going to show any baby pictures of me potty training because 1. I doubt he was that embarrassing 2. the main reason because he doesn't have any baby pictures of me.

" Don't worry he didn't show us any embarrassing pictures." Raina smiled.

CJ just sat there looking at the floor with his hand folded not even looking at me.

" Well, first we need to go to my house. Then we'll leave."

" Dad is this by plane?," I turned looking at him. I didn't even know how we were going to leave here.

" Of course only the finest for my kid!" he squeezed my shoulder and left the house to start up the car.

Why doesn't he act like that all the time?

Raina got up and squealed. " Aspen!" she sang and moving her hand around in excitement.

When she saw I wasn't joining in she stopped and looked at me. " Whats wrong?"

" Nothing."

CJ still didn't say a word he raised his head from the interesting floor and looked at me.

I had a thing for green eyes. One thing I loved about Mike. They were so beautiful.

CJ's eyes weren't the best ones ever or even better than Mike's. But he look at me and then-

" Come on we got to go!" my dad came back in.

" Oh yeah we should go."

Raina insisted on turning on the radio. She had called shot-gun and thanks to her I was sitting next to CJ in the Hummer's backseat.

I had no problem with Raina liking rock music, I had no problem with her liking System of a Down . But listening to it in the car with the music at full blast was hilarious..

My dad probably thought I was crazy because I was hanging out Ms. Crazy singing along to Violent Pornography.

If you've never heard the song here's a sample to their lyrics.

It's a violent pornography

Choking chicks and sodomy

The kinda shit you get on your TV

It's a violent pornography

Choking chicks and sodomy

The kinda shit you get on your TV

My dad had a side business called Venturer. Venturer was a modeling company. Models that ended up in Playboy,Stuff and Maxim magazine. Even Barely Legal. As you can guess girls who are 18 and naked.

I can tell he was uncomfortable and he suggested we listen to something or listen to regular rock like the Brittney Spears.

I laughed and looked at CJ he was laughing too and our eyes met.

He was still smiling and we pulled into my dad's house.

" Come guys come inside," my dad smiling trying to recover from Rain's singing skills.

" Sure." Raina hopped out the car and gave a smile looking at me.

" TJ, Raina?," my said unbuckling his seatbelt.

" It's CJ dad." I said unbuckling my seat belt.

CJ did the same and we entered the house.

This would be my sixth time being here. I still feel like a stranger. Raina on the other hand after only being here for three seconds slumped on the couch.

" Sit Tati, it's your home to." My dad smiled.

I didn't sit down and instead looked around the house.

" The maids can get you something to drink or eat," it was his attempt make things better to wait two years to fix things. As much I wanted to ignore him more I ended up sitting down on the couch next to Raina.

" Sit CJ!," Raina yelled.

He sat next to me and my heart raced faster and my stomach began bickering with my tongue.

" Tatiana I love your hair!," she said gushing touching my hair. " Don't you like it CJ?"

" Yeah I think it looks great."

" They're extensions!," I squealed loudly.

" Um okay," she stopped playing with my hair.

My face felt hot and I heard CJ laugh a little and knew I looked like a tomatoes.

I wanted to hit myself for falling for CJ. CJ!!!!!

" Okay then, what's taking your mamita so long?." Thank God for Raina who knew how to change the subject when needed.

" I don't know. I don't think your speaking real Spanish"

" Hey Tatiana," Jenifer just walked down the stairs a smile plastered on her face.

" Hi."

" Ready for the trip?"