When I say that I love you,
My dear,
I don't mean that I want you,
Though I do.

I mean I love those little things,
Like your kisses,
And I love the way you are:
How you joke.

I feel I've always known you,
Until recently,
Certainly it's my fault, though–
I'm sorry.

But I know you forgave me,
In fact,
You keep no record of it,

And though I am not assured,
Who you are,
I love who you have been and,
Who you'll be.

I always find myself thinking–
Thinking of you,
And then I wonder if you–
If you think of me.

We're so far from one another,
A Thousand Miles,
We're so far from each other,
Who we once were.

But that doesn't change a thing,
Simply because,
What we have is simple, is pure,
And is love.

When I say that I love you,
My babe,
I mean that I shall love you,