Sanity and smarts are not identical twins

Though similar

A light bulb over one's head is not the only cause

Of light in someone's eyes

A standard of thought, logic, planning,

Show nothing of one's own well being.

Are humans really the greatest race on earth?

We've got some serious competition.

They've got more legs than we do

And a fully developed tail

And a nose like a radar device

And enough fur to keep them warm

In the absence of clothes

………….save for a collar.

Do dogs have their problems? Do dogs grieve and stress?
But how do they cope with it?

Do they take pills? Do they binge-eat?

Do they cry? Do they shriek?

Do they leave everything behind?

Do they hurt themselves?

………….nothing more than a whimper from time to time.

But a dog is ever-smiling





A dog will always be there for you

A dog throws love in the way of pain and suffering

And gets through it all

Love and ignorance

Make a dog the perfect creature.