Those Beloved By The Night

The Beginning

Let me tell you a story. About a night that would changed my life forever. As I laid in my bed. My room was dark and

warm. Even with the lights off. I still know what my room looks like. The ceiling was a blue sky with some white

clouds, the top part of the walls was a blue sky, the middle of the walls was tops of grass covered hills and tops of trees

with birds in the trees, the bottom of the walls was the bottom of the hills and the bottom of the trees. There was all

kinds of animals. Rabbits, tigers, deers, etc... The rug was green as grass. My whole room looks like a forest. There is a

window above the head of my bed. The door to my room. Was across the room from the foot of my bed.

It's eleven-fifty o'clock. Ten minutes from my birthday. I'm turning eighteen. I laid in my bed waiting nervously for the

clock to say midnight. Every kid wishes for the day they turn eighteen. Because they don't have to listen to anyone ever

again. Except them self. But now I wish I never turned eighteen. Something bad happened to me that night.

"I'm sorry, how stupid of me not to introduce myself. I am Michel Crow." I had short black hair, blue eyes, white skin.

muscular body, I stand at five-feet nine-inches, age seventeen. When the clock stuck midnight. I felt a burning pain

within my body. As I started to violently shake from the pain. My body started to slowly inched towards the edge of

bed. Until I fell off the bed hitting the floor hard. My body still shaking. I couldn't scream for help. I couldn't talk or

move. I hoped the pain would stop soon. I couldn't take the pain anymore. I wanted to scream so badly. After an hour

of pain and misery the pain subsided. I tried to stand up. But fell smacked my face on the floor. So I tried again.

I got on my feet. But my legs felt like they were gonna give out at any second. I walked over to the door were my light

switch was. I flipped the light switch up turning on the light. The light hurt my eyes for a minute or two.

When I could see clearly. I walked over to my mirror to the right of my room. The mirror sat above my dresser.

My appearance had changed I have short spiked white hair, red eyes, pale skin, muscular body, I stand at six-feet

one-inches. There was a mark around my neck. the mark was a upside-down cross with a chain, below that was the

numbers six, six, six. My back felt like it was on fire. So I turned around to see why it was burning. And there was

another mark. It was a pentagram that covered my entire back. I flipped out. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't

face my parents so I ran away. I wish that I never did that too. All I was wearing was a pair of shorts. I ran out of my

room in to the hallway. Then I ran down stairs. I ran towards the front door. I opened the door and ran outside

leaving the front door wide opened. I ran out to the middle of the street. There were no street lamps. But I could see

just fine. That was really weird. I ran to a nearby cemetery. The cemetery was cold and dark except for the moonlight.

There was nothing but tombstones and mausoleums. After awhile I got tired of running. So I walked up to the

nearest mausoleum. And sat down against the front wall. My heart was racing. I couldn't breathe. All of a sudden I

heard a noise from around the corner to the left. I thought I was just hearing things. But I heard it again.

So I got to my feet and walked slowly to the edge of the wall. I slowly peaked my around the corner.

My heart was still racing. That's when I first saw her. She has long golden blonde hair, green eyes, white skin,

firm body, she stands at five-feet six-inches, age twenty-one. She was fighting three guys. Why, are they fighting in a

cemetery I thought. I just stood there watching them fight. The first guy attacked her. He went to punch her face.

But she ducked the punch. Then punched him in the gut and did a uppercut to his jaw. The guy landed on his back.

She raised her right hand over her right shoulder. And drew her sword. She walked over to the guy laying on the

ground. She raised her sword above her head. And swung it down decapitating the guy. But when she cut off his

head. His body turned to dust. I couldn't believe what I just saw. How is it possible that his body turned to dust?

Unless he wasn't human. I will ask her I thought. The second one attacked her. She kicked him in the chest.

Then stabbed him in the chest. Then she decapitated him. The third one did not attack her. But she attacked

him. She swung her sword at his neck trying to cut off his head. But he ducked her attacked. Then he punched

her three times in the chest. Then kicked her in the gut. Sending her flying through the air. Then hitting a

tombstone braking it on impact. When she hit the ground. She rolled a few time. She quickly got back on her feet.

She threw her sword at him. The sword flew through the air and landed in his gut. She ran up to him pulled a stake

from her boot. And staked him in the heart. She grabbed her sword as his body turned to dust.

I nervously walked up to her. Afraid that she might try to kill me too. "H...h..hello" I said nervously.

She turned around to look at me.