Rinforzando, Pink Bunnies, and Lipstick Stains

Chapter One: Did You Ever Just Go, "Holy Shit, I'm Not A Virgin Anymore"?

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If you've read any of "Blank Canvas", you've already been introduced to some of these characters. They almost took over the story. So I gave them their own. It's not their fault they're so rowdy ::pets characters fondly::

You can enjoy this story without reading BC, but you might want to for a bit of background. For the record, this story begins one year before the characters meet Ayden in BC.

Because there're so many characters, and too many POV changes confuse people, I am going to write this in third person. It's a change for me, since I usually write in first, but I think it'll pay off.

I always tell people what music I'm listening to, for some reason. Right now it's "Little Razorblade" by The Pink Spiders.


"Hey Lilly," a voice whispered and Lillian March turned around to look at her cousin, Dwight Erikk. Everyone called him Hammy. He hated the name Dwight. "Lemme borrow a pen?"

"Why didn't you get one out of the pack at home?" Lilly asked. Hammy was her mother's sister's only child and both of his parents died in a freak miniature dachshund accident. Don't laugh. It was traumatizing.

So anyway, when Mrs. and Mr. March and Lilly moved to Pennsylvania three years ago, when Lilly was thirteen, they brought Hammy with them. The Marches had been a pretty big deal back in Georgia. Lilly had a debutant ball and everything.

But you know what? She didn't miss it. Not in the least. Best leave that stuff to the peaches and cream country club girls. And that wasn't Lilly. Lilly had wavy chocolate brown hair and a round (round, not fat) face, big blue eyes, and a decent figure; but other than that she didn't even begin to blend with them.

She liked rock music, and junk food, and black, lacy, EGL things. But she also liked country music, line dancing, barbecue, and cowboy boots. She made a business of blurring the line between backwoods and downtown. It's what she liked. It's what she did.

She didn't give a damn about finger sandwiches or tea. She had no idea what watercress was, and taffeta made her itch. If she can't wiggle all five toes, she didn't need the shoes; and there was no point in tanning, or sweating off five pounds if she couldn't do it by running a mile at sunrise. Cucumbers don't go on your eyes. Avocadoes don't go on your cheeks. She didn't understand lacrosse. She didn't have stock in Enron.

"Just give me a pen," Hammy said, rolling his eyes at her.

"No, you slacker!" Lilly said, sticking her tongue out playfully.

"C'mon, Lil."

"You really should be more prepared for class."

"Dammit, Lil, just give me a pen!" he exclaimed, snatching the one Lilly was holding. She pouted before pulling another from her bag and turning resolutely towards the board.

Hammy rolled his eyes again. His cousin was such a drama queen.

Hammy looked a bit like his cousin. He had curly brown hair and stormy blue eyes to match hers, but he was tall and lanky, like maybe someone had stretched him out. He usually wore a button-down shirt over a white tee and blue jeans, for no reason either than he was too lazy to actually bother picking anything else out. Hammy and Lilly were separated in age only by two months, but at the moment Lilly was fifteen and Hammy was fourteen. His birthday was in two weeks.

The bell rang and the two of them filed out into the hallway with everyone else.

"Dwighty-kins!" a shrill voice calls out and Hammy is almost knocked back into the classroom as a dark-haired cannonball is heaved at his stomach.

"What're you doing here, brat?" he demands angrily, pulling her off of him.

"That's so mean, Dwight!" she wails, hooking her hands together behind his back and refusing to move. "I waited for you!"

"But why are you even here, and not at the middle school?" the brunette boy asked, finally succeeding in separating them by just an inch. She smiled at him.

"I'm waiting for Rin. He has a doctor's appointment in an hour."

"That doesn't explain why you're here so early!"

"Chill, Ham," a cool voice sighs. Hammy, Lilly, and the small girl all look towards the source to see Rinforzando Amound, a sixteen-year-old boy with sandy hair and clear eyes. "Bailey, let go of him, already. You're making a scene."

The girl released her hold on Hammy reluctantly, but stayed extremely close to him. She looked up at her brother with watery eyes.

"You're mean, Rin," she said.

"Yeah, you'll get over it. Are Mom and Dad outside?" the blonde asked. Bailey nodded. Rin jerked his head to indicate for her to follow him and walked away.

"See you soon, Dwighty-kins!" she squealed, hugging him tightly before hurrying after her brother.

"Aww, that was so cute, Dwighty-kins!" Lilly squealed, ruffling Hammy's hair playfully. He slapped her hand away and glared.

"Shut up. My name's not Dwight. And besides, she's just a pain in the ass."

"Oh, but Dwi-ight! She wants to huuuggg you! She wants to kiiisss you! She wants to—"

"I said shut up, ya damned southern belle! It ain't cute!"

"Ooh, Hammy, talk southern to me," Lilly said, pretending to swoon.

Hammy stalked away, muttering about the psychos he was forced to coexist with.


"How about this? Does this hurt?" Dr. Reynolds asked, pushing beside Rin's right shoulder blade. Rin winced but shook his head. Dr. Reynolds sighed, shaking his graying head. "Rinforzando, it's imperative that you be truthful with me. I can't help you get stronger if you aren't honest about what's wrong."

"Nothing's wrong," Rin mumbled. "It's just a little sore. Anyway, can we hurry this up? I have practice in a half hour and if I'm late Coach'll kill."

"Basketball isn't as important as your health. You could cause serious damage if we don't figure this out now."

"Look, I've already told you, there's nothing wrong," Rin said seeing the man shake his head wearily again. "Now I really do have to get to practice. We're playing against East Grant on Friday, and if I'm late they might bench me." He looked stubbornly at the man.

"Rinforzando…" the man started.

"Seriously, Dr. R, I appreciate your concern and all, but I'm fine."

"I want to take a CT scan. Just to be on the safe side."

"No. My family can't afford that right now." That was a downright lie and they both knew it. The Amounds were one of the most well-to-do families in West Grant. "And besides, it would be a waste of time because nothing is wrong. Now I really really have to be going."


"Hey, hey little razorblade… girl you're so, so obnoxious… this lucid dream is now reality… and it makes me so anxious… Hey, hey little razorblade… girl you're so, so serious… you're only pretty when you walk away… and you act oblivious… But I've got the keys so let's put it into drive… But don't call it a crush… don't call it a crush baby… You know I love you too much to be crushed like that…"

Felicia Cannaday was dancing around her room, singing at the top of her lungs. She was a teeny bopper at heart, coming from a family of country and western fanatics. The Pink Spiders CD was the only one that her best friend Lilly March had loaned her that she really liked. The rest were either brooding angst rock or stuff that her parents and older brother might listen to.

She jumped when the phone rang and she jumped to answer it.

"Hello, this is Lici," she said cheerfully. Pushing her auburn hair behind her ear.

"Hey Lici. What's up?" Lilly asked with a laugh. It always amused her how her friend answered the phone.

"Eh, not much. You know," she said.

"Yeah, same here. We need to do something."

"There's nothing to do in West Grant."

"There is in East Grant."

"Lilly, no. We would get the shit kicked out of us," Felicia said. Rural West Grant and Urban East Grant were bitter rivals in everything.

"No we won't. C'mon, let's round everyone up and go!"

"Fine," Felicia said. She could never deny her best friend anything. "Let's go in about an hour. Rin should be out of practice by then, and I'll be showered and dressed."


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