Rome was once what they called an unconquerable empire. Unmatched by any human force in the known world, it used science and mathematics to help build up its empire, as well as a massive army with faithful legions waiting to die for their empire. Rome grew to an impressive size, and it seemed there was no end to its rule in sight…until the vampires came.

The year was 472 AD, and Rome was at the peak of its power, yet for all the logic that it had even the "Center of the World" had to bow to the might of the ancient magic flowing through the Vampires' veins. No one knows for certain what sparked the attack; maybe the ancient ones were offended by the lack of reverence Rome paid to the Old Ways, or simply saw an opportunity to strike and conquer in shadow of the empires arrogance. What is known is that, in cover of the darkness that they worship, the vampires attacked the city with a wrath never seen before by man. At the head of the hellish attack was Vestion Treynium, known only for the hatred of humans that makes him a force to be reckoned with by any mortal. It is said he killed all of the guards of Caesar alone, then cut off the head of the mortal dictator and raised it high in the tower of the city proclaiming himself ruler over the known world, thus throwing mortal men into the age of darkness.

Years passed, and all rivals of the Vamperic lord were thrown out of seats of power and swiftly dealt with. The world grew darker as the years passed and Hell opened wide its gates and spat out its inhabitants. Witches, Ghouls, Goblins all set free of their prison and all served the new dark lord. To put an even tighter hold over the kingdom, Vestion gathered an elite group of the most cunning and cruel vampires and gave them rule over a different part of his kingdom. These fifteen chosen ones were named, "The Hounds of the Devil," in reverence to the master that they served.

All hope was gone from the people of the newly named kingdom of Cameleota They grieved for their lost and sacrificed their young to Vamperic lords and ladies: until the arrival of The Policopsts. The Policopsts are a group of warriors that gathered to strike out against the Vampires around the fourth decade of the king's rule. They fight still, waiting for their chance to pierce the heart of Vestions rule once and for all, and to pull the world back out of the darkness…