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Today was like all other Tuesday's for me; we were on our way to Pizza Hut. 'We all', being: my sister, my mother, my father and myself. Our tradition was that we, the four of us, eat lunch together, while my other siblings are in school, on every Tuesday.

I stared out the car window, and looked at the old K-Mart, which was for-sale, now. It went out of business a long time ago; probably because they built a Wal-Mart, and it stole all of their business. I don't really know; I didn't like to shop there anyway. I prefer to shop at Gordman's for my clothes. But that's just me.

We pulled into Pizza Hut's parking lot and I noticed how packed they were. Usually they have hardly any business about now. It must be because one of the high schools had a half-day, today.

Great; I thought to myself as I rolled my eyes; a huge line to stand in. We exited the car and walked into the packed restaurant. I vaguely noticed a sign on the wall that said they were hiring for a waitress.

We stood in place for about five minutes; then the line moved forward about an inch. The bell behind us jingled and in stepped a guy. He was really hot looking. He had the whole, 'Angel, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer', thing going on; you know, like all mysterious. He was wearing a black leather jacket and he had these awesome sunglasses on; they made him look extra yummy!

I tried not to stare at him and averted my gaze to a group of old people, who stood in line, in front of us. They were talking about how back when they were young you could always find a place to sit right away, and you didn't have to worry about all the noise. Blah, blah. Hogwash; all of it was, if you ask me. I've always been extraordinarily annoyed when people refer to, 'back in the old days', or, 'when I was a kid'. My parents say things like that all the time; it makes me want to give em the old one-two. Ugh… I hate it. Yes, I tend to hate a lot of things. You'll find out, more, later. Right now my legs hurt and I need to sit down. I have this thing that is wrong with my legs, if I stand for too long they get restless, I don't know why.

I walked over to an empty couch they had set up, in the waiting area, for people to sit on while they waited to be seated at their table. I sat and waited for them to call our group of four. I noticed my mom started up a conversation with 'Mr. Hottie'. She's always like that; she'd start up a conversation with a pole if it could talk back.

Oh. My. Gobstopper. -Yeah, I'm weird, deal with it-. My mother just gave Mr. Hottie a coupon she always carries with her, it's for a dollar off the buffet or something like that; I think I will die now. Yup, I just died of embarrassment; figuratively speaking.

He took it from her and stuck it in his pocket. He had a polite smile on, but I could tell he was totally embarrassed; not as embarrassed as I was feeling, mind you. I banged my head against the cold brick wall behind me. Why me? Why must the embarrassment continue?

I continued to bang my head as I felt someone sit down beside me; probably my, annoyingly perfect, sister. That's what I thought; until I heard the person speak.

"You shouldn't bang your head; you could get a concussion." He –yes he– said, matter-of-factly.

I snapped my eyes open and looked over to the person sitting to the left of me; Mr. Hottie! The one my mother gave the coupon too. Of course, as I was thinking of something to say, I said the most intelligent thing a person could say, during a moment like this. "No I won't." Sarcasm. Isn't it a beautiful thing?

"Yes you can." He persisted, as I closed my eyes again. Not knowing what to say, I just continued to bang my head.

"Stop." He whispered harshly. For your information- I am a very stubborn person.

I banged my head even harder against the wall. Just so you know, I don't take crap or anything else from guys, no matter how hot I think they are. Why, you ask? Because I was in a relationship about a year ago, and he totally cheated on me.

He cheated on me twice, and with the same girl both times. I was so messed up for a while. I was in denial. I wouldn't believe it; I thought he was lying, or that I was dreaming. I got angry at him after a little bit, but then I grew tired of being angry, so now, it's like I'm indifferent to it.

I still don't like people talking about him, it just brings up bad memories, but sometimes I remember some of the good memories: which are nice. But then I get a little sad at the fact that he said he would always be honest with me; he lied about that though.

The back of my head is starting to form a bruise; oh well.

There were too many people crowded in the room talking, that the banging couldn't be heard by anyone except the two of us sitting here.





-Squish- Wait, squish? It's supposed to go, 'Bang'. I opened my eyes again and my hand went behind my head to feel what had disturbed my beautiful 'Bang's'. A… hand?? A soft hand. Gah! What am I thinking; a soft hand? Why is there a hand behind my head… a hand… that isn't even mine?!

The culprit! I looked at Mr. Hottie and glared fiery daggers at him. Don't go getting mad at me for glaring at a hottie. Yes, he's hot, but I will not be deprived of my daily ritual of banging my head. It's like, illogical for me.

"What?" He asked all innocently. Innocent my Gobstopper!

Mr. Hottie's reaction to my glare, just made me intensify it. "You know what!" I murmured fiercely. Now, normally I am not so hostile towards people, I just kind of hide out in the background, but Mr. Hottie was really starting to irritate me. He, and his cocky grin were making my fist just itch to hit him. Lucky for him, I didn't get to punch his lights out because my oh-so-perfect sister was calling me over. Apparently a table had opened up and it was our turn to be seated.

I glared at Sanci, who just rolled her eyes, and then, fixed my glare back on Mr. Hottie. Guess what he was doing when I saw his reaction. You got it, he was staring at Sanci.

"You know her?" He asked me, not taking his eyes off her retreating figure. He obviously was forgetting about our little argument; typical, of the male species.

I sighed, exasperatedly. "Yes, she is my sister." This happens all the time. I meet a hot guy, and then he asks about Sanci. He then, wants me introduce him to her. I oblige, unwillingly, unable to say no to the hot guy in front of me.

Sanci is so picky though; she dates the guy I introduce her to, for a while, then she dumps them. She picks out their flaws, and rips their hearts out in the process of the break-up. I've decided not to be the intermediary anymore.

Sanci has long, ravishing, red hair. Her eyes are a mix of blue and brown; sometimes you can see green in them, depending on her mood. She is 5'7 and towers over my 5'2 and ½ height. Ok, there are three things about her that guys first notice; first, is her c-cup cleavage, second is her J-Lo booty, and third are her long legs. She's one of those people who look good in anything she wears; it doesn't matter what the color is, or if it's in style or not, she looks good in it all.

It infuriates me to no end. I look bad in all colors and styles, so I just stick to what I feel most comfortable in, which is usually baggy blue jeans and a baggy black or blue shirt. Yeah, I'm kind of a tomboy, but I love myself. I think I'm cool, and I don't care if someone laughs at me, they're just jealous of the confidence I have in myself.

"Can you introduce me to her?" He looked at me hopefully.

I was extremely sorry to burst his bubble. Sarcasm; you'll be hearing a lot of that from me. "No, I'm sorry, you'll have to ask her yourself. I won't act as the go-between for her anymore. It's a fact though, that she has never gone out with a guy that I haven't, first, introduced to her." I said it stonily; it kinda hurt to see his face turn downcast. I almost felt sorry for him.

I hoped he would just forget about her. It's true, that she hasn't dated a single guy that I haven't, first, introduced her to. I don't really know why, that's just how it is. If a guy asks her out, without me having introduced him to her, then she always says no.

"Please?" He urged, with pleading eyes.

"No, I won't do it." I stood up. "I've got to go now. Bye." I walked over to where I could see Sanci through the crowd and we sat at our table with our parents.

We were almost finished eating when I felt a piece of paper fall into my lap as a familiar figure walked past our table. Sanci and my parents didn't notice it and continued with their conversation over St. Johns, the 'evil' school my younger siblings used to attend, but they were kicked out of there at the end of the last school year. I won't get into that though, it has no relevance to this story.

I slowly opened the piece of paper, it read:

Introduce me!!

I wrote back:

I will not introduce you to her! I don't even know who you are! And even if I did, I still wouldn't introduce you!!

I scribbled it with a broken red crayon that I found lying on the floor, and then folded it up into a Chinese football. I stood up, with my plate in one hand and the note in the other, to get more sausage pizza. I could see where Mr. Hottie was sitting, which was with a group of more hot guys, just my luck. I flicked the piece of paper and it landed next to his plate; perfect shot. I saw him grab the note before one of his hot, nosy friends could. He didn't even look up, but hurriedly opened the note and read it. I turned to grab more pizza at the buffet table, only to find some old lady taking the last piece. I huffed as I grabbed a piece of cheese and found my way back to my seat.

Not even a minute later, I felt a balled up piece of paper hit my head. It was a good thing my mom had gone up for more food. My dad had gone up to pay the bill and my sister went to the bathroom to fix her make-up, which wasn't even messed up; she was probably just going to throw-up her lunch, I wouldn't know though.

I picked up the piece of paper and quickly opened it before anyone came back. It said:

Hi, my name's Austin. I love the colors red and silver. I am 5'8. I have dark blond hair and blue eyes. Now introduce me! Don't shake your head no; I see you!! What have you got to lose?! I am a very high-quality person. Whether you say yes, now, doesn't matter. I will eventually get you to introduce me to her.

I looked over at him, after I glared at the crumpled note I had in my grasp. His face; he was grinning at me! That arrogant little gobstopper! I crumpled the piece of paper into a ball, stood up, walked over to him, and chucked it at his smug face. I turned around and walked back to my seat; I could hear his friends outright laughing at his plight.

Once again, I felt the paper hit my head. I sent a menacing glare his way and all he did was grin like a maniac. I opened it, once again, and read its contents.

So… aren't you going to tell me your name, and the lovely redheads name?

I glared, again, at the note and picked up the red crayon; I wrote a four-word reply.

I tossed the note over to his table and saw him lunge for it, he missed it and one of his friends grasped it. My family came back and we headed toward the exit. I heard the words I had written, just before the first set of doors shut behind me, come out of Austin's friends mouth. "… My name is Lily."

I looked at the 'Help Wanted' sign taped up on the inside of the window again; I ignored it and walked on through the doors.

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This chapter is a pilot chapter. If it doesn't get very many reviews, then I will not continue it on Fiction Press. It would be too frustrating between this story; 'He Was A Sk8ter Boi', and my other story on Fan Fiction. Remember, this is a pilot chapter. Review. I will not continue this story unless I get ten reviews. Thank-you.