Chapter One

With a heavy sigh the priestess turned to face the south. Shadows danced in the absence of the Sun, twisting in an intricate dance with one another, and joining with the dim light the fire gave out. A small shudder began at the base of her spine, traveling up her body and giving her goose flesh. She rubbed her arms quickly to try and get rid of it. He was there, in the south, waiting for the Sun to truly disappear before he came out to hunt. The woman turned away, and instead she focused her attention on the young woman under her care. Said girl ran up to the Priestess, and opened her clasped hands. A little bird peeked out cautiously, its beady eyes fixating on the Priestess.

"Fiona I did it!" The young woman said happily, her face glowing with pride. Fiona smiled and held her wrinkled hands out for the bird to hop into. With a little hesitation the young animal did so, still looking at Fiona.

"That's excellent Angelie. You can go now and do as you please. Just remember what you learned today."

Angelie nodded and, without a further glance, ran off towards a small hut, flinging the cloth door open and disappearing inside. Fiona walked over towards a tall tree and placed the bird on the lowest branch gently, watching the little animal walk down the lean wood awkwardly. Fiona turned away, her mind still processing the information that the clan leader, Baron, had told her several hours before. The last girl had been taken last night while they all slept, the fifth one that month. He couldn't be controlled, and no matter what they tried he wouldn't stop. If anything, it just made matters worse whenever they tried to reason with him.

Fiona walked over to Baron's tent, knocking softly on the side before walking inside. He looked up quickly to see who it was before turning his attention back to a piece of paper in his hands. She looked over his shoulder at it, loopy handwriting stretching leisurely across the paper in black ink.

"He won't stop will he?" She said softly.

Baron read aloud from the paper, "'Dear Clan Members, I have decided not to do as you ask me to. What I choose to do with the women of yours and other clans is my own business, and it would be wise for you not to get involved. I do deeply regret that it has come to this, but the next time you attempt to stop me I will take a harsh course of action that you will not like. Sincerely, James Akerson'" The man scoffed loudly, "Who does he think he is, honestly? He talks to us like we're some class beneath him, as if we're uneducated animals who can be easily bullied."

Fiona nodded and pardoned herself from the tent to leave Baron to his brooding self. A plan was developing in her mind. Her eyes fell upon Angelie and a young man beside her. William Cooper, son of Elizabeth and Edward Cooper. The two had been friends since they had found out that the opposite gender did not have 'cooties'. The memory brought a small smile to her face. William was staring at Angelie, his face in rapt concentration at whatever she was telling him. Angelie smiled at him kindly, leaning over to kiss him gently on the cheek. The boy blushed bright red, making Angelie laugh. Fiona hurried her pace, all but ripping open the cloth door to her hut. In her haste she accidentally knocked down the cloth but her attention was elsewhere.

She quickly preoccupied herself with searching for an old book, tearing her room apart in order to find it.

"Aha! There you are," Fiona said when her hand clasped the spine of the book. Several of the pages were falling out so she flipped through them with care.

"Lets see, where is that spell?" She asked herself. She sat down, still looking through it, a small smile washing across her face when she found it.

"Lets see. Banishing Spell requirements, a full moon, black clothing preferably a black dress for priestesses or a black robe for a priest," she read aloud, eyes scanning the page. The conditions were perfect for the spell, all requirements easily filled. Even the age was easy. But to do it meant to put Angelie at risk. Fiona looked over at the girl through the open doorway in her hut. Her brow furrowed. She had to go through with it.

"Angelie, can you come here love?" The woman called out. Angelie looked over at her and nodded, excusing herself from William and walking over.

"What is it Fiona?"

"You are aware of the current situation we have with the vampire, correct?" Fiona asked, avoiding the question. Angelie answered yes, and Fiona went to explain further, "Would you be willing to participate in a ritual to banish him?"

"Yes, of course," Angelie said, "You don't need to ask, I'll do it if it helps."

Fiona stood up smiling, "Good girl. Let's go get you fit for some clothing then, shall we?" Angelie agreed and walked with the elder woman to the Clan's seamstress.

Several hours later Angelie stood within a circle made of stones, her arms thrown up in the air. Fiona watched onward as the young priestess recited the words Fiona had taught her. Angelie's eyes were closed in a sign of meditation, her breathing uneven as the adrenaline of the spell rushed through her body. Everyone was within their huts, giving the two priestesses their space for the ritual.

What was next Fiona could hardly tell. All there seemed to be time for was a scream right before something was shoved in to her throat, choking her. Angelie's eyes snapped open and her scream echoed after Fiona's. The men of the clan poured out just as the intruder grabbed a hold of Angelie.