Yes, I admit, I was reading Lccorp2's fantasy parodies on the C2s...It just looked so fun. It isn't the same style, but I had fun writing it anyway. I've really always wondered what happened if these "prophesized" people weren't the right ones. xD Don't jump to conclusions, I suppose.

"…and so, the prophesized one will rise, bringing with them everything anyone could ever want!" The story-teller looked around at the children gathered around him as he finished his story. All of their eyes were wide, and the story teller could practically see what they imagined would happen when this prophecy came true. He chuckled softly. "All you children must get home now," he paused to point at the crescent moon, which was high in the sky. "It is late." With a groan, the children picked themselves off of the ground, waddling off back to their parents with stiff muscles.

"Excuse me," an excited voice said from behind him, "but could you describe the prophesized again?" The young man turned around to see a girl there, about no more than fifteen. She had a cloak hanging off her shoulders, though you could still see her hourglass figure. She had brown hair that had blonde streaks in it, and it waved it's way down to her waist. A small bit from both sides of her face had been pulled back and braided, then joined in the middle in the rear, making a crown of golden brown around her head. Her eyes were a sparkling light blue, the same color as the sky on a clear day, and they shone with excitement.

"Certainly," he replied, repeating the description of the woman from the prophecy.

The girl squeaked excitedly. It matched her perfectly. "Did you hear that, mama?" she squealed, darting over to a woman not that far off. "I'm going to save us all from this dreadful drought! I can bring rain to our lands!" she gushed, clapping her hands and jumping up and down.

The story-teller just shook his head, walking away from the fire and into the shadows.

"I'm going to save everyone!" the girl kept saying. By now, a large group had gathered around curiously.

"How do you know this, Maria?" one voice asked from the crowd.

"The story-teller said it! The prophecy said that it was someone with brown hair that made it's own crown, and blue eyes like the sky!" she squeaked. Everyone started murmuring to their neighbor, making the noise rise in a crescendo, but then a voice came from above all, like a giant conductor cutting off the music.

"Then work your magic and make it rain!"

Maria blinked, then scowled, stamping her foot and putting her hands on her hips. "You're so stupid! I can't just make it rain, I have to go…somewhere first!"

"Then where do you go?" the person challenged, finally pushing to the front. He was just a fisherman, and an old one at that. The crowd all started shouting their ideas.

Maria heard one she liked, so yelled above everyone else, "I shall go to the Sacred Stone!"

"But that's months from here!" her mother protested, speaking up for the first time. Really it was only a week, but hey, Maria had never left town before, she didn't know that.

"I must go, for the good of everyone," Maria said gently. "I shall return, though, I promise-"

"Then when are you leaving?" the fisherman demanded.

Maria glared at him. "Tomorrow," she announced. "I shall leave at dawn tomorrow!"

The crowd cheered, though there were some boo's mixed in with it. After that, everyone shuffled back home, seeing no sense to linger around now that everything was decided. Everything would be just perfect.

The next morning, just as the sun was starting to peek over the horizon, Maria clumsily climbed onto a horse. It couldn't be called mounting, really. She more dragged herself into the saddle. She'd ridden a horse only once before, and she didn't do so well…

"Maria!" a man cried, running toward her. She looked down at him from the back of the horse, and smiled weakly.

"Hey Bryce. What're you doing here?"

Her friend offered a necklace. "I just…wanted to wish you luck. Are you sure I can't go?"

Maria sighed softly, accepting the small necklace. It was simple, just silver, but she knew that it had to be special to him to give it to her. "I'm very sure you can't. I'll be back in a few weeks though, I promise." She smiled brightly at him before somehow managing to get the horse to start walking straight into the forest.

Two weeks later, Maria was miserably lost, uncomfortable, and starting to rethink all of this. She was currently trying to make a fire to keep herself warm during the night when something in the bushes behind her moved. She froze and slowly turned around. "Who's there?" she called, holding a stick out in front of her like a weapon.

A man popped out from behind the bushes, a sword in his hand. "Who're you?" he growled.

"I'm a prophecy," she said, stuttering. The man's eyes widened.

"Finally! We've been waiting for someone like you!" He sheathed his sword, and bowed to her. "My name is George."
"I'm Maria," she said politely, curtsying clumsily. She felt an immediate connection to this George person. "I'm…uh…a bit lost…" She blushed. "Do you think you would be kind enough to take me to the Sacred Stone?"

George jumped to his feet. "Of course! It's but a few hours ride from here!" He looked at her horse. "Do you think that scrawny beast could carry two?" Maria opened her mouth to reply, but he beat her to it. "Great!" He helped her to climb on again, then expertly mounted behind her, reaching around to get the reins. Maria smiled happily at being this close to a man.

True to his word, George had her at the Sacred Stones in just a few hours.

Maria stared at them, amazed. They towered above anything she had ever seen. There were four stones in a row, all black and polished looking, with white bands crossing across them all. They reflected the early morning sunlight, making them even more beautiful.

"So…what do you have to do exactly?" George asked after a long time of silence, looking at the stones and back at Maria. Maria was once again struck with the "what now?" question.

"I…" She paused, then tried to seem mystical and knowing what she was doing exactly. "I must pray to the gods, of course." She knelt next to one of the rocks and started praying.

Almost immediately, a voice boomed from above, "Who dares to ask me of such things?"

George just stared in wonder as Maria tried to convince the god that she was his prophesized.

"She was not to come for another ten years! You dared to assume?" the voice cried. The sky clouded over and a lightning bolt came down and struck Maria, then George, just for good measure. The gods did enjoy laughing at the stupid people who assumed that they were the ones they had prophesized.