"Departure, mother human," I announce, and she replies in a similar manner. I collect microchips from the institution for teaching Metal units. The day is at 90.34° Fahrenheit. The wind moves west. Precipitation is implausible. The living unit is calm. 7:10 AM. My engine has been fully oiled. Chip is working at full capacity.

"Have a good day, Edgar," Mother Human replies, with what I can process as contentment. Tried to confirm exact response, but I find it impossible.

"Thank you, mother unit."

"Oh, and Edgar?" she says. I turn.

"Yes, mother unit?"

"I love you, son."

I tried to process, but it comes forth in dictionary form. Love: to feel compassionate care for somebody such as a intimate relative or friend, or for something such as a place, an ideal, or an animal. Was it correct to use love toward me? The dictionary says nothing for objects. The idea that a human could feel compassionate care for an object seems unreasonable. Searching for a reply… 4.6 million searched found. 'Thank you for your interaction'… 'What is love?'… 'Correction, love is not possible in this relationship'… No, it would not be proper to say that. Manners would be best used in this occasion. What is a correct response in this communication?

"Mother unit, I feel affection for you as well…"