Story Idea: Ben Wuest

Secondary Writer: Bob Evans

For the first time, The Chaos Theory has been brought to you by two authors. The one who started this legacy, and another who joined on to help finish this particular book in the saga. In an effort to complete this book, Ben came to me and asked for my help. So I did, and brought along the remaining chapters. Ben himself has not forsaken the work, and oversaw the creation of each edition. I suspect even as you read this he his planning for his next book. It was necessary to end this quickly, while maintaining the overall thrill that this story has continued to bring to those who have read it.

Hopefully my writing didn't hinder the characters, but in fact prepared them for the next part of this grand work.

-Bob Evans

All thanks and praise to the incredible Bob Evans, who took up my very challenge of completing this work. He transformed his writing style to mimic mine and he took the best of his creation and fused it with the few notes I gave him and he still did a perfect job of writing this story exactly as I wanted it. I truly have no more than appreciation for Bob Evans right now, and to you - the readers - who keep this story alive.

-Ben Wuest