Crazy Love

Love me, crazy love without restraint, no holding back

Break me open, see my heart beat; do you know that I love you?

Know me, know that I pretend, pretend to be okay

Not happy, yet not sad; I feel the pain of my love, always

Always there, never lessened, is my love for you

I don't want, don't want you to see me hurting like this

Can I ever go back to how I was? Will this love always be here?

Hold me tight, don't let me go, don't let me run away

Keep me close, close to your heart, but I want to hide

Hide how I feel, pretend that it's not there

I want to say that I'm okay, that seeing you doesn't hurt me still

I love you, love you like I've never loved before

Yet how can I love you, you who are so far away from me?

How can I be close to you, you who causes a riot in my heart?