Crazy Love

Part Two

I would wait for you, if you needed me

I need you to need me; I need you to love me

It's hard for me to let you go, to stop feeling this way

Love me, crazy love without restraint, no holding back

See me here, watching you, loving you

A love that will never be returned, a pain everlasting

The way I live is the way I love

Slow to open up to you, yet trusting all you do

Always cautious; I refuse to give you my heart for the longest time

And when you have it, every little thing hurts me,

You take my heart and run with it, forcing me along with you on this crazy ride

I know you don't feel the way I do, you don't know me

That's no excuse, you don't even try to know me

When I try to know you, you run away, afraid of something I can't name

Making up excuses, why you can't love me, why you can't know me

Nothing is stopping you but you feel you must stay away from me

Far away, never coming close, never trying, trying to feel

Is this what love is supposed to be?

The pain I'm always trying to avoid,

Running away from you, trying not to feel

Feel what I know is there, can never go away

If you left…I couldn't go on, don't make me say those words

I've said I love you, that is all I can do

Love without holding back, opening the floodgates

To these emotions, passions that scare me

Make me wonder who I am, who I've become

In this fight to make you understand

Turning against myself, what I know is right

Why am I wishing for this, wishing for you to love me?