a/n: Elevators are the perfect place to set comedies...a closed, usually cramped area...only one exit. Perfection. This first one isn't very funny, but it introduces the sort of situations that the people in the elevators will be going through.

Elevator Music

Just what we need...

We open in an elevator in a law office building. It goes to level 23. Enter business woman.

Woman: (pushes level 4, and sits on bench, seemingly in deep thought.)

The elevator stops at level 21, a young couple, attached by the lips enters.

Woman: (cringes in disgust, and quickly gets off the bench, and stands by the row of buttons)

Boy: (temporarily detaches himself from mate) We're going to the cafeteria, level four.

Girl: (holds out hand) We've just gotten engaged!

Woman: (aside) Great…just what we need, another over sexed young newly wed couple fraying the moral fibre of the society.

Boy: We've just gone and told her father. (Reattaches himself to the girls neck, with much the effect of a suction cup)

Woman: …congratulations…

Girl: Isn't…it wonderful?

Woman: (aside) It's so wonderful, I want to push you both in front of a moving train.

The elevator is now at level 6 enter a balding man with a comb-over.

Woman: (to the couple) Oh, look…I think this next one is the floor you want…

Couple: (still 'celebrating') …thank…you…

The elevator is now at level 5.

Couple: (stumble out)

Woman: (aside) Level five…Divorce, Annulment, and of course, my personal favourite, the Pre-Nuptial Agreement.

The elevator is now at level 4. Exeunt Woman.

I'll update soon as possible. More funny elevator scenes to come!

-Billy Shears