I saw the future today. It's a classroom full of bored, despondent sixth graders. The teacher gives them math problems to do, but they couldn't be bothered. What does long division matter in their lives? And the teacher complains that they never do their homework. "It's hard to do your homework when you're hungry," one of the kids mumbles. That kid's the future. The future is the boy in the back of the class who lives below the poverty line but somehow still has a new pair of Nike sneakers on his feet. The future is that short, chubby girl in the second row who's waiting to get home to flip on the TV set. Television is her drug and she needs her fix. The future is the tallest boy with the backwards baseball cap and bruises on his face. "You should of seen the other guy," he says. The future is the girl who tells the teacher to fuck off and the boy who started smoking cigarettes when he was seven. The kid who's already in a gang, the girl who had an abortion, the 15-year-old held behind a few years, the girl who refuses to talk to anybody. They're the future. Are you scared? They are too.