we were not strong enough

your marble sculpture hair

and i was too busy running a clumsy

finger over clammy fists to

trace a line or two on flaking plaster.

you were not strong enough

to hold us up, stars & stone

raining like ashen palm leaves

on our heads- this is retribution.

you always disregarded the sky.

i torched the night, i torched the night

but i could only frown in mild disbelief

when fire fire fire choked you


you told me that my hair

was red, red like hearts in

rusted tins, like your eyes

before a fight, before you


before you got tired.

i was not strong enough.

you broke. i was not shocked at

your pieces, but i was daunted,

dwarfed and dizzied by the task of

fixing you.

i ran.


But I loved you


you can't take that.

you can't take that.