The World in my Eyes

Electron structures make sense.
Mathematical formulae tell me stories about the world.
I don't see in words.
I see in numbers.
Five is loud.
One is special.
Eleven is just right.
And sixteen is the worst of the worst.
When I am in distress
I whisper the powers of two.
So far I've reached 35,349,738,368.
But that's another matter…
I wake up at 5.30am.
Breakfast is at 6am.
Lunch is at 12pm.
Dinner is at 5pm.
My bowl of chopped fruit comes at 8pm.
Things don't change much in my life.
I don't like going out during the weekends
Except for going for hour-long walks
With my Mother.
Or jogging.
I despise parties.
Last time I attended one, I burst into tears
And nearly had a panic attack.
I prefer the company of my close friends
Who understand me,
And my textbooks.
I don't read fiction.
It does not challenge my mind,
Unless it is a science-based book,
Then it is OK.
But otherwise,
Textbooks are my literature.
I feel sick when I don't know
Vaguely what is happening during a day.
I cannot stand not having a Plan B
In case things don't go to plan.
Sporadic is not my word.
Routine is my word.
Sometimes people don't understand me.
Sometimes I am treated differently.
But it's just the way that I am.

f(2x) + y(x2+7) equals pi