The Dream

Out of spirit and in sight
I ran throughout the depths of night;
I ran in terror and in fright.

When I reached my destination
Despite my procrastination
Quite to my dismal surprise
I found there a pair of eyes.

Dev'lish eyes, like out of dreams;
The kind of eyes with hellish gleams.
I turned away and changed direction
Forcing those eyes out of recollection.

I then, taking flight,
Weary of this terr'ble night,
Ran from the prospective fight.

On my way through the darkened wood
I spent what remaining strength I could.
Hearing footfalls that surely would
Bring me evil and not good.

From this demon who gave chase
And had not a pleasant face,
He followed me at a horr'ble rate
Made only worse by his gait.

Running fast, I tripped and fell
Into something like another realm.
From the darkened wood I fell
Into the bowls of hell.

The flames around me burned quite hot
From the fires, escape I sought.
Woe to me! I searched in vain!
The one who chased me had me slain.

Then approached a sight to see;
Something that made me try to flee.
A man, clad in black
Two pairs of wings were on his back.

He spoke with words that chilled my bone
And a frightful, abrasive tone.
In my heart of hearts, I knew,
He would be upon me soon.

Squirming madly, I tried to go.
But the burning flames made me slow.
Woe again! He was here!
His face to me, he put near.

"Be gone," I cried. "Be out of sight!"
"Let me wake up from this plight!"

His breath upon me, cold and dreary
Said to me, be not weary.

"How is this," I cried again,
"To be not scared of you and your kin?"

With that chilling breath so cold
He branded his words into my soul:

"Silence you! I beg you hear!
"You will soon know what to fear."

There I sat with tear-filled eyes,
I filled myself with hopeful lies.
But I knew I would meet demise.

I sat alone in burning pain
For hours on end, thinking of escape attempts
Which would all be in vain.

Finally, the one who was clad in back,
But this time, wings he did lack,
Came back for me with a spiteful word
And shouted out so he could be heard:

"Come with me, you filthy worm.
It is now time you serve your term."

With no idea of what he meant,
I found myself standing up right.
In spite of fear, with him I went
In hopes that answers would come to light.

No such luck, I soon found out
For what I heard was a painful shout.
My heart trembled and my knees did shake
Was it not enough for them my life to take?

Now they had to torture me?
And allow me first the torture to see?
It was inhumane and just inhuman!
Now is the time to pull what strength I can.

They led me to a chamber door,
Opened it and tossed me on the floor.
Two of them, they had me tied
And laid me roughly on my side.
There they strapped me in tight
Without a chance to even fight.

A cold slab they tied me to.
Then the demons, I counted two,
Flew a switch to my apparatus
And gave me not a word of caution
As to the moment of infliction.

I shouted, screamed, yelled and begged,
"Make it stop! Please do hear what I said!
"I cannot take it any more!
"What in Christ's name is this for?"

With that word, I saw them shudder
And quake in dismay, and start to stutter.
The chief of them, I could now make out
Screamed in terror and gave a shout:

"Silence! Silence! I cannot think!"
As he said this, a odorous stink
Penetrated every pore.
And over them came a look of horror.

I realized then that it didn't smell
As bad as what the crew from Hell
Made it out to fill your head
With such bad thoughts of hate and dread.

"Oh you fools, did you really believe
That this man was yours to deceive?"

The voice that came out of air,
Sounded wonderful, cool and fair.
I'd heard this voice somewhere before,
Like on a far and distant shore.

It lifted me from the bowls of Hell,
Out of that forbidden realm.
To a place so crisp and clear
And still that voice, easy to hear
Sounded to me to be near.

"You are mine," it came again.
"You've been forgive of your sin.
"Those foul beings had no right
"To take you out of my sight."

In this place, my burns were soothed,
Then the rest were all smoothed
And erased from my mind.
I took that to be very kind.

While I was there, I knew not pain,
I only rested where I was lain.
The voice had calmed me for a time
And I felt good, well and prime.

The voice that soothed me said goodbye,
That he would see me in the sky.
I told him thank you and that I would miss
The ease I felt and the air's gentle kiss.

In a moment, I could see
That in that place I could not be.
I saw my home, rushing forward
It was there that I was moving toward.

After leaving, I was depressed,
But still I was hopeful nonetheless.
I found myself in bed having had a dream,
And now I went over what I had seen.