Your name was Caroline

"Carol, for short."

A jeans and t-shirt type of gal

"Skirts make me blush."

We knew each other

Since seventh grade

"When I graduate

I am getting out of this town!"

You had a ma, a pop and three sisters

"I hate them!"

We were best friends

"Stay with me…don't leave me alone…"

Before you left.

"I have to get out of here!"

You were always sad

But hide behind your smile.

"Being dead would be better

Then how I am now!"

So you took your life

"Goodbye, Marie."

We were best friends

"…don't leave me alone…"

I should have known

"…leave me alone…"

I should have heard you

"Me. Alone."

You took your life

And I was the one that died.