CL Gingerich

My pen is my sword, and I will kill you. No matter where you go after this, I will find you and rip you apart, piece by piece, exposing your falsehoods and fake fa├žades. I will tear you into shreds until all that is left of you is a mockery of what you once were but what you'll always be: a fraud. It's who you are after all.

I may not be a threat to you now, but wait until I have had my revenge. You will be a court jester in my throne room, bowing to me until I see fit to let you go. But do not let freedom grasp you too tight, my fine enemy, for I then will take you to the Coliseum where you will fight for your life against my terrors.

You will be dragged from the stage by your collar, too tired to support yourself. I can do that to you, my good foe, because after all, I am the writer. I can manipulate you. You'll be every villain that is overcome at the end of my stories, every fiend who tries to, but fails to, rule the world. But I will be a great writer, and your attempts to overthrow your creator will fail. Your failures will earn you places in my darkest psyche, where the dragon lives.

I'll change your name in every book to leave you faceless. A person without an identity is not a person at all. I'll call you John Doe for now, but don't get used to it. You will be man, animal, and creature. I will rewrite you so often in my stories that no one will know it's you in there, trapped in my world. They'll look past you and only see the villainous character you play, waiting for it to breathe its last, for it is the bad in the story. The good will always prevail, you must realize that now, my dear foe.

So please, laugh if you want. You're safe for now. I might even dedicate my first novel to you for inspiring me. But please, foolish girl, remember that the pen is mightier than the sword.

And my pen will kill you.

Author's Note: I am not a sadistic person... I wrote this many years ago while in Juinor High. I am not an angry person anymore. Toodles.