A/N: A birthday gift for Brandie. Most of the chapters are already written, so you feel awkward reading sexually explicit (though I wouldn't say "smutty") content, or if it makes things weird between us, click back. XD Be warned: my writing style loses its lilting quality in some chapters… Upholding plot lines with expansive metaphors is a skill I'm still trying to master. I bring shame to Emerson, Thoreau, and Hawthorne.


Her lips held promises that even whispers couldn't convey, daylight falling behind a curtain of shadow. Fullness, softness... Weakness. The downfall of every kiss they shared. He drank in her beauty one last time, an aurora of sorrow lining her eyes, falling down her face in droplets, magnifying a flawless complexion; hair darker than the bleakness of non existence - but he'd know for sure, soon enough...

Far too soon.

He pushed the dress away from her shoulder, leaning close to experience her touch, to feel the magnificence that this woman was, knowing that when he let go, it would be forever.