"The Emo Girl"

She walks down the hall
And everyone stares
She knows what they're thinking
But she doesn't care
She sees them pointing and laughing
And knows rumors shall follow
But she doesn't care;
Those fucks are so shallow

She hears what they say:
"She cuts her wrists.
Why isn't she dead?
Hell no, she won't be missed."
"She's just too damn different.
Why does she even try?"
"She loves that shit they call 'emo'.
No one can see why."

The words make her hurt
But she won't give in
For every insult that's thrown
She gives a sweet grin
To the dick-sucking pussies
Who spit it her way
Little do they know
She's got something to say:

"Look at me, bastards.
What do you see?
I'm just a normal person,
Contrary to popular belief.
You see the clothes on my back
And the tears in my eyes.
So what if I'm wearing black?
So what if I cry?
You're all just skin deep,
You holier-than-thou dicks.
Get a life, bitches.
You all make me sick!
While you're fucking your mommies,
Call me emo; I don't care!
You all think I'm going to Hell;
I hope I see you there!"