Once again we're outnumbered

With our backs against the wall.

Our defence, my hard right hard,

Your unconquerable soul.

We never let it run its course

You never sold me short;

More and more it seems that life

Is all we've ever fought.

She asked you what you're fighting for

You grinned and tipped your glass

To all the heads who beat us down

Over her immortal ass.

Hello, my best friend

Hello, my Friday night

The game's about to start again

And you're late for the fight.

Four minutes to one o'clock:

The stakes, they have unfurled.

I look at you and again I know

It's you and me against the world.

Five cards, last round, all in or bust

They don't know you'll never fold.

The lab rats said some day you'll die

But I knew you'd never grow old.

How many times were you knocked down?

How many times did she leave?

The last time I saw her was at your funeral

Next time'll be Christmas Eve.

Hello, my sparring partner

Hello, my sweet decayed.

The bar's stocked up with Southern Comfort

But they're out of lemonade.

I'm hurting bad, I'm crying blood

I'm roped and the odds are stacked

But it's alright, because I know

You'll always have my back.

My hand goes out, I'm covering up

But there's no one there to tag.

I hope they'll hit me hard enough to forget

That you're in a body bag.

It's over, mate, we lost again

Beaten but not unbowed.

They couldn't make me shout your name

At least, not out loud.

Goodbye, my true ally

Goodbye, one of our own.

I wish you were here to carry me

But now I'm all alone.