A/N: Finally! It took so friggin long to finish this (about... 2 months?). It's short, I just wanted it posted :oP

Chapter Four

Prem moved in the cramp alley. He couldn't believe he was doing this, falling so low to spy on a human girl. She wouldn't leave his head; she was all he ever thought about. Her hair, her eyes, her scent….she was heaven.

He scaled the wall effortlessly, pressing his back against the opposite wall, letting his lengthened nails grip the brick of the building in front of him. He peeked through the window into her bedroom.

She stood in front of her floor to ceiling mirror, almost naked. He had never seen so much flesh before. She was beautiful, mesmerizing. Prem tried to memorize every freckle on her bare arms and shoulders. How the pink lacey underwear hugged her curvy figure in a way that would make a model jealous.

He was doing all right with her not noticing him as she went about her bedroom getting dressed for a political party. Until he saw a strange bird and almost fell to the asphalt ground below.

Starr whirled around as she heard a strange scrapping noise outside her window. She screamed as the sight of the mans face that had been haunting her mind for a week was peeping into her window.

She grabbed a fluffy purple robe and wrapped it around her athletic slim body and went over to the window. Starr hesitated at the clasp that kept the window locked, was it really wise to let in a man she barely knew into her house let alone her room? Of course it wasn't but his pleading look pushed her into unlocking the window and opening it.

Prem smiled up at her thankfully and slid easily through the medium sized window and landed on her cherry wood flooring.

She shut the window, at a loss of words.

"Sorry," He finally said as he regained his composure and stood up, dusting his already dirty work clothes with his hands.

"How dare you invade my privacy!" Starr growled in a non-lady like manner but her eyes were slightly amused by his antics.

Prem opened his mouth but he couldn't find the right words that would convince her that he wasn't a peeping tom, though he himself couldn't believe that he scaled a brick wall just to look at her when he could have easily arranged some how to run into her in a coffee shop or in the street. He blamed his kitsune heritage for this.

Starr studied him quietly before turning away to finger the soft silk of the black Versace dress.

Prem sighed. If it hadn't been for that bird, he wouldn't be able to watch her dress into a revealing black silk dress, though birds shouldn't distract a man when he is spying on a woman... its just mean.

"Where are you going?" Prem asked making Starr realize he was there and not made of stone.

"A political party," Starr paused. "My dad is the mayor."

Prem almost choked. No wonder she was so sophisticated and rich looking, her father was Henry Johnson one of the most cut throat men, who was planning on running for president at the next election.

Starr paused. "The problem is…I am without a date."

"You're asking me?" Prem asked his look skeptical.

She nodded. "Nathan is out and you're right here…"

He hesitated he was exactly dressed for such an occasion, in ripped up and grease stained blue jeans and a ratty white t-shirt and his hair…god he hadn't brushed it for almost a month now.

Starr looked Prem up and down. True he wasn't dressed properly; his hair was a mess of curly brown hair, but the promise there. She could easily fix him so he was presentable at the party and to her father and step mother.

"I could go get you one of Nathan's suits, they should fit you." She said slowly as she ventured out of the room and then paused. "Maybe you should take a quick shower in the mean time?"

Prem nodded slowly. "Yeah, that would be an idea."

Prem felt strange in the black suit. His hair was slicked back with gel and it made his head itch. He was really starting to miss denim.

Starr smiled comfortingly at him as he shifted from side to side on the limo seat. This was going to end in disaster, she could feel it.

The limo slowed to a stop and a stuffy looking man opened the door and stood ramrod straight as Prem exited the limo, followed closely by Starr.

The building they entered was the definition of elegance. Golden ribs lined the circular walls and went all the up to the high domed ceiling, meeting in the middle to form this huge golden chandelier that dripped with crystals that glittered fatally in the light.

Prem felt out of his element as he glanced toward the orchestra that was set up on the far side in front of the dance floor where couples waltzed. On the other side a buffet table was set up with every kind of food imaginable.

"Would you like a drink?" A waiter in a stiff black suit asked as he held a silver platter topped with glasses of champagne.

Starr smiled and took on the fragile glasses. "Thank-you."

The waiter looked expectantly at Prem and Prem quickly shook his head, allowing the waiter to move onto new prey.

"You seem nervous." Starr pointed out candidly as she studied Prem.

"I'm fine." Prem said, his gold eyes trying to focus on her pretty face.

"Want to dance?" Starr asked after a veil of silence had been thrown upon them.

Prem hesitated. "I'm not any good."

"I doubt that." Starr said as she placed her empty glass on a satin covered table and started leading Prem toward the crowded dance floor.

Prem grasped her hand in his as she placed her hand casually on his shoulder while his other hand found the small of her back. They drifted across the dance floor to the easy rhythm of the music that the orchestra was playing.

The scene around them washed away as they became consumed in focusing on the simple steps they were performing.

"Where did you grow up?" Starr whispered as she broke the sexual silence.

"Northern England." Prem answered easily as he spun her away from him and she coiled back into him again.

"Really? You don't have an English accent." Starr pointed out.

"I got rid of it." Prem said just as easily.

Starr frowned, ruining her beautiful features negatively. "Why would you do that?"

Prem shrugged, not sure on how to answer her question.

"I'm hungry, are you?" Starr asked, no longer bothering to wait for Prem's answer to her question.

Prem nodded quickly, glad for the chance to get off the dance floor that was starting to make him feel like he was on display. They headed over toward the while silk clothed long tables on the other side of the room.

"Hey isn't that your brother and his wife?" Starr asked suddenly as Prem looked up to see his own image walking toward the buffet with Suave following him wearing a glittery blue dress.

"Prem," Crevan acknowledged as he came up to stand before his brother. "Interesting to find you here,"

"You too brother," Prem murmured.

"Starr," Crevan said as he politely nodded in Starr's direction. "This is my wife Suave."

Suave smiled as she offered Starr her hand to shake. "It's nice to meet you finally."

"Does Prem talk about me or something?" Starr asked, her eyebrows flying up in surprise.

"All the time," Suave beamed.

Prem walked Starr up to her door. The air cackled with sexual tension as they paused at the door, both seeming to be waiting for something important to happen.

"Thank-you so much for being my date," Starr breathed as she looked up into Prem's golden eyes. "It meant a lot to me."

Prem smiled easily. "No problem, it was my pleasure."

They leaned toward each other, their faces inches apart. Until a brilliant pain shot through Prem's chest, he backed up quickly.

"What's the matter?" Starr asked, as she took an uncertain step toward him with her hand held out in front of her.

"Nothing," Prem said quickly. "I have to go, I'll see you around."

"Wait," Starr murmured, but the shadows had already swallowed him up.