This is inspired by a story of my dad's old dog. I kinda like it, though it's very short. That's ok though, because there really wasn't much to tell. Tell me what you think!


Wild Squirrel Chase

Apollo crouched down in the tall grass and waited for his chance.

He had been trotting along with his people, when suddenly he caught a whiff of squirrel on the wind. He immediately went into his "hunting" stance. He waited, and waited, and waited until finally, the fluffy brown squirrel jumped out of its burrow. Apollo leaped up and gave chase to the squirrel, which fled away almost faster than Apollo could run.

He chased the squirrel all over the lawn happily, tongue lolling, sides heaving, but he never gave up. The sent of squirrel was too irresistible. He had to catch it! The sounds of its infuriated squeaks and rustlings only added to the overwhelming temptation to present his people with dead squirrel.

The squirrel finally decided to use what little brains it had and headed for the great oak tree in the middle of the yard. There was a tree house up in its branches that Apollo's pets climbed into all the time, but Apollo new he couldn't get up to it. He sped up to catch the squirrel before it could climb to the safety of its branches.

He started barking madly, trying to scare the squirrel into a different direction. It didn't work. It only irritated his people, who came running at him, trying to make him stop. He plowed right into them and went past, still continuing his obnoxious caterwauling. By then, nothing could make him stop his headlong race, even the giant oak tree that was coming ever closer.

The squirrel raced up the bark faster than Apollo could wag his tail. Apollo ran up, his claws scrabbling for purchase against the bark. If he could just get a little farther! Just a couple feet away, the squirrel's tail was tantalizing him, daring him to try to come further.

But Apollo didn't have the chance of a snowflake in the Libyan Desert of making it up that tree, and just as his teeth clicked on empty air, he fell back down the trunk of the treacherous tree. He slid down until he hit the ground, on his back.

His people came over, tears in their eyes from laughing so hard. They all said "good boy, good Apollo, you get that squirrel!" They praised him so much, until he was practically glowing with pride in his actions. The petted him and congratulated him, and he was happy.

Meanwhile, the squirrel looked down from above, relief pouring into his exhausted body.