As the smoke trickles out of the car windows,

he turns from the road to watch her tremble

and she purses her mouth in a mock kiss

to make him forget that she was ever afraid.

Well, the red light is a blessing because

now he can pull her chin up and take her in,

biting her lip so she feels submission.

The parking lot is empty enough to call theirs

and the wheels skid on the icy asphalt

as he changes from Drive to Park.

She's beautifully insane with him

and she lets him convince her to be perfect

with closed eyes, fingernails grasping at

the sheets as she uses all her skill to make him happy.

The eyeliner smudged on her cheeks spider-webs

down them just like the spreading rust on the

hood of the running car in the driveway.


Her hair is long enough to pull in

jealous lust and it twists in his sweaty fingers

as she takes his real heart in her mouth and

makes his breath ragged, sharp, passionate.

Cheating to get high, he skips the inhale

and moans out baby with release.


He drives her to the train in silent acceptance,

she's given up everything but the blood in her veins,

and his car is red enough as it is.

She should be illegal because she's going to make the

car crash with that wild look in her eyes.

Beautifully insane with him, she'll

leave lip gloss stains on his jeans forever.

This is a dead end.