Real Hime

A junk yard girl whose dream is to become a princess... can this happen? How much luck will it take for this dream to come true? Will that day ever happen? Is she for real?

Chapter 1: Junk yard princess

Main city dump side, seven o'clock in Monday morning, all you can hear is the shouts of the children running around, playing in the dump side. They are the city's famous, trouble-causing street kids. They range from as young as three to seventeen. Some of them were abandoned, while some of them ran away from violent households. They live here as a family, looking out for each other, taking care of one another, making the dumpster their 'cozy home'.

Ririn, a sixteen years old black hair, green eyes girl. She is one of the older ones and whom they call as 'leader', or better yet, 'HIME'. They follow her every command and abide by her rules. In return, she was in-charge of all the 'children'. She looks out for them. She keeps the peace and order in their so-called family. She acts like the mother-figure in which all the children are deprived of…

"get out of here!!! This is our territory!" said Tetsu, one of the younger street kids. He is only six years old

"hah! not this time! It's ours!" said Mamoru. Mamoru is one of the street kids from the next town on whom they share 'dumpsites' with. Mamoru's known as the 'bully from the other side'. He always wants to bully younger children like Tetsu.

"oh yeah? Let's see about that!" Tetsu ran towards Mamoru at full speed. Inside his pocket was a sharp ice pick he always carried around in case of trouble. He reached out into his pocket getting ready to stab Mamoru when suddenly…

"Oi!... stop that you both or I'll both kick you out of this place!" A tall sixteen year old girl came running. Her voice made both boys stop. Tetsu, upon hearing her voice, dropped his ice pick and came running towards her, crying. "I'm sorry Hime…"

Her name… Ririn, the princess of junk yard. "Mamoru, go home before I personally harm you! Run! Get out of my sight!"

Mamoru picked himself up and scrambled away from Ririn. Ririn is very famous among her fellow street kids. Even the street kids from the other side of town know her, and fear her.

"hah! scaring my Tetsu!" She diverted her eyes to Testu, who was still clinging onto her. She wiped the tears from Tetsu's dirt-smeared face and smiled. "hm… good job Tetsu! You sure showed him who's boss here!" Tetsu, still sniffing, smiled.

"shall we go?"


"tag! You're it!"

"arggh! No fair!" Katsu complained. "fine… here I go…" He started running around chasing the others. This is the usual day to day activities of these street kids. In the morning, they play around, at noon they go to town looking for part-time jobs, helping out the store owners, and others. Even though they are poor and don't have any money, they do not steal. This is one of Ririn's policy; no stealing allowed!... anyone caught stealing shall be punished and never again allowed to be part of HIME's family. As to why the public still see them as trouble causing and annoying, no one can actually say, or give a reason to.

At the end of the day, each child contributes to the daily budget needed and all of their income goes directly to Ririn. She in return manages the money, buys the food and provides for all. There are days in which some children don't get any jobs therefore they experience a shortage of money. Ririn during those times works extra shifts to provide for the shortages. In short, they all work together to keep each other alive.

To be a princess. Ririn, every night, tells stories to children- stories ranging from fairy tale, daily experiences, to dreams, her dream. Her dream since childhood is to become a princess, hence, the title HIME. She often shares this with the kids, even though afterwards, she'll see herself laughing at the 'childish idea'; but not the kids.

"Hime… what's it like to be a princess?" they all turned towards her, all eager to hear it once again.

Ririn straightened up and sighed. "I don't exactly know, but from what I know, princesses wear elegant, silky long dress, they eat buffets all day long. They have tea, with those expensive tea cups, they have glass slippers! They also have those huge rooms, as big as the grocery store!..."

"wow! We want to be a princess too!"

"then… we'll all be princesses! Don't worry, I won't leave you guys" She yawned. "time to sleep… everyone to bed now…"

All the children complied and went to their respective sleeping areas.

"good night hime…"


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