A/N- Just a silly little story, I don't claim it's well written, it was just something I wrote in a creative writing lesson last year when I lacked the inspiration for anything else. And yes, Ray is a girl.

The Forbidden Food

As he stroked his beard, Serj thought about Ray and how much he loved her. But that was before he saw her with Daron. That had hurt Serj too much. Even though she had attempted to make it up to him later, it just couldn't be the same.

It had been such a tense and dramatic moment. There was Serj, sitting in the lounge, thinking about the tremendousness that was Ray, when he heard some strange noises coming from the kitchen.


Curious, Serj walked towards the kitchen, and as he neared he could hear Ray giggling. Anxious, he slowly pushed open the door, and that was when he saw it. The sight that still sent shivers down his spine. His heart twisted in his chest and he had to bite his lip to stop crying. There, in the kitchen, were Ray and Daron and they were making… popcorn.

"What's all this?" Serj barked

The sudden, harsh noise made Ray jump as she looked towards the door.

"Serj!" she said, clearly shocked, "I thought you'd gone out!"

"Yes, well I decided to stay home instead" said he

"It's just popcorn, I swear! Nothing more! We were just going to watch a movie!"

Serj staggered, and had to hold on to the popcorn covered worktop to keep himself up "A… A… A movie? This is even worse"

"Dude, it meant nothing! I swear! It was just meaningless popcorn!" Daron pleaded

"Meaningless? It's meaningless now?!" Serj cried.

"Serj! Honest baby, it was just this once! It really meant nothing, I was just so hungry, I couldn't help myself!" Ray defended "Please forgive me?"

"How can I, after this?"

"I'll never do it again, I swear. And we can make biscuits! Yes, let's make biscuits!" begged Ray

"Well I suppose biscuits could make up for the atrociousness that is this scene!" Serj laughed, suddenly excited at the concept of making biscuits.

So that's what happened; off slid Daron without another word. Ray cleaned up the popcorn, sneaking a few pieces into her pocket for later, and they set about making biscuits. Chocolate ones. With white chocolate drops. Damn, they were good biscuits. However, during the making of the biscuits, Serj contemplated the day's events and decided he wanted to forgive Ray.

"Ray… Was it really a one off with the popcorn?" he asked as he cut out the cookies.

"Of course it was, you know I'd never hurt you intentionally,"

"Well… I forgive you babe," he smiled "I mean, at least it wasn't pizza,"

Ray jerked as she put the cookies in the oven, almost burning her arms. She quickly slid the cookies in and slammed the oven door shut then busied herself with the washing up. "Sure," She muttered "Pizza… I mean…. That would just be…"

Serj froze "Is there something you're not telling me Ray?"

Ray laughed "No! No, of course not…" and gave Serj a hug. "Come on," she said, "let's get sharing these cookies,"

Serj laughed, Ray was the best biscuit cook he'd ever met. In fact, Ray could cook up anything.

Meanwhile, over the other side of the building, Daron sat on a sofa, his feet up and a grin played across his face, chewing. His hand held the very last piece of pizza.

--Even Gods Dream