A/N - I tried to get a lot of ideas across in this, but it was during the very early hours of the morning and I am well aware I did not succeed, and you may well only see one or two. I'm aware it's not a fest for talent; it was just trying to get my point across. Enjoy. : )

Moulded Young Things

Get a life, get educated, question nothing,

As they tell you how the world works, moulded young thing,

Never think they could be lying or they're all wrong,

Just a ploy to get you living life how they want,


Grow your hair, fix your teeth, wear subtle make-up,

Go to high school, like the boys, but don't stay late up,

Act so perfect, get good grades in subjects they choose,

Cheerleaders, netball practise, don't you dare lose,


Get a job, wear a skirt and slip on high heels,

Get promoted just to pay for your new hot wheels,

Save some money so that you can pay the mortgage,

Work your hardest to keep house and home and full fridge,


Go out clubbing, meet some men, get down n' dirty,

Get a boyfriend, make a marriage by the time you're thirty,

Have a perfect day, make these promises forever,

Have them watch you, keeping tabs 'til death you're severed,


Sorted job and man and now it's time to have kids,

Push them through the mundane system the way you did.


Are you really happy living this way?

All hopes and dreams irrelevant for what they planned,

Go for it girls, aim higher,

Go for it girls, aim out there,

Don't let them shape you and corrupt you with their system of what's right,

Be individual, do what you want to do,

Be you.

-- Even Gods Dream, 13th November 2006