A/N: Whoo! Here's the beginning of Part Two!! I thought I'd get this up quickly before I started revising the first part... I'm introducing Gabe's POV at points during this Part, mostly because he and Christie are apart.

Part Two

Chapter 48


She's gone.

It's as though she disappeared off the face of the earth. Can a person do that? It's not logical – something must have happened to her. I can't see her running off, not without clothes, food or money. She was confused, but I saw no signs of her quitting. That's what I love about her – she doesn't give up.

I should really stop doing that right now – I'm already aching from that little conflict between my fist and the brick wall outside when I'd heard that Christie was nowhere to be seen, I don't need an aching heart either.

I wasn't sure what people meant when they talked about going numb – not having any feelings. Now I know. It's like there's this huge gaping hole in me, something missing. She's missing – oh god. What if something terrible has happened? Well… something terrible has happened. She's missing! Anyone could have taken her! Oh god, some guy… he could be doing anything to her…

What can I do? We've phoned the police, we've looked everywhere, and I've asked everyone… the only unusual thing anyone can remember is a strange silver car coming down the driveway. And my uncle's car is still there, too. Did they take him? Why on earth would they take a grown man and a teenage girl?

Are you scared, Christie? Hurt? If I close my eyes really tight, I can almost imagine you here, beside me, just lying on my bed. I can hear your laugh, see your smile, and catch that twinkle that you always have in your eyes. I knew I loved you, but… not having you makes me realise how much I really did love you – why did I not spend every minute of my day with you? Why did I ignore you while grieving over Leah's death? She's gone, and you're here. You should have my attention – it's the least you deserve. You've done so much for me…

And I can't even help you. I'm so useless.

I can almost hear you telling me I'm not useless. You would tell me that, wouldn't you? You try your best to make me feel optimistic, even in the worst of situations…

What if Birke's taken you? He couldn't persuade you, so he took you by force. That means we have two problems. The fact that you're missing, and he could be doing absolutely anything to you, and the fact that he has this huge master plan to create perfect human beings. I wouldn't care about his stupid plan, as long as he brought you back. I'd willingly give my DNA to have you here beside me.

I guess that's kind of selfish. We already discussed what might happen if he did get our DNA.

I don't want to tell the police about Birke's plan; for fear that they might not believe me. It does sound ridiculous, doesn't it? A man, wanting DNA from 'special' teens, to create a perfect human race. It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel.

I shouldn't be sat here musing about his ludicrous plan. I should be out – looking for you… but Anna told me to stay. It's dark, and she says that the police are out looking, and they have a lot more resources. Screw their resources. I can't just sit here!

If I find out Birke has taken you… god help me, I will find him and kill him. And that's a promise.