Chapter 75

Will's POV

I glanced up at the twins, carefully to avoid Marie's gaze. I wasn't sure whether she had told Birke about me wandering and getting lost, but Birke hadn't said anything to me about it, so I could only conclude that either she hadn't said anything, or that Birke had believed my story about getting lost and didn't really mind that I had wandered around the house. Mark stood beside his sister, looking rather uncaring and bored. I could only imagine that they had been through this many times before. Jenny wasn't in the labs with us at the moment; the scientists were testing her ability in a separate room. Birke had called us here a few minutes ago, saying he had something important to say. Now he stood in front of us, looking rather domineering and important.

"Well." He said, glancing towards the twins with a rather weak smile. "We've come leaps and bounds in our research, but I'm afraid I am going to have to bother you for some more of your DNA. We're using the other's DNA more sparingly than yours, obviously because we have less of a supply… with your DNA, a lot more is known about your abilities than before. Now, the scientists will-"

"Birke!" There was a shout from the back room and they all turned to look as a male scientist came rushing up to Birke and whispered something in his ear. The old man turned and regarded the three with steel eyes.

"Mark, Marie… go with Gina here, she will take your DNA." Birke motioned to the female scientist who was waiting behind him with a tray. "Will… wait here while they finish and then go in after them. I need to take care of something."

And with that, he turned and left with the male scientist, who looked rather worried. I was curious as to what Birke had had to leave for, but was too busy watching the twins go into the back room with the female scientist. That left me and two other scientists in the main laboratory. The first was a female, who had her back to him and was looking rather intently into a microscope, and the second was a male, who sat on a computer, typing at a ridiculous speed. I watched them for a moment, making sure that they weren't suspicious of me and watching me, and when I felt brave enough, walked subtly to the closest metal desk and ran my gaze over the papers that were scattered along the surface. Most of them didn't seem important; they were just notes on the structure of our DNA, or notes on the similarities between Mark and Marie. However, one small book was hidden beneath the mess of notes, and this quickly caught my eye. I glanced up at the two scientists and kept my eyes on them as I moved some papers to one side and flipped the book open to the first page.

When I was sure that no one was looking at me, I glanced down at the book and found a page of rather masculine handwriting which made for… interesting reading.

Date: 28/03/2007

Subject: #001 Alice

This is my second book of notes on subject #001. Subject has been feeling especially ill lately and when taken to the hospital, it was found that her chemotherapy was making her sick. This is a normal side effect with the therapy; however, subject was also vomiting blood. They kept her in for a day to observe her and then released her. My scientists did their own tests on subject's blood and found that the chemo was perhaps doing more harm than good. I am in the middle of deciding whether to stop her chemotherapy. However, the Institution is doing well and I am sure that my plans will soon form a more solid shape. Subject has no idea of my plans and I will not tell her until I am sure I can cure her.


I glanced up to see that the female scientist had finished with the twins and was waiting for me in the doorway to the back room. I quickly closed the book I had been reading, but memorised its position on the table. I was sure that I needed to continue reading the book of notes, which seemed to have been written by Birke. But who was Alice? She obviously had some form of cancer, hence the mention of chemotherapy.

I moved away from the table towards Gina and found myself really curious to find out who this Alice was. I briefly wondered whether it would be any use asking the scientists, and then rejected the idea almost immediately – I didn't want to draw any unnecessary attention to myself. I would just have to hope for the chance to read some more of Alice's notes later on. Perhaps the notes would tell me who Alice was and what Birke's plans with her were.

The notes had only been written a few months ago – perhaps I should have read the last page rather than the first. I had no idea what 'Alice's' health was like right now – she could have passed away already and I could be curious about nothing. But I couldn't help feeling as though Alice was important to this situation in some way.

Now all I had to do was find out who she was!