Twilight's Haunt

The moon was rising in the darkening sky, though it was obscured by the black clouds and thickening fog. The wind whistled through the skeletal winter trees. I paced, alone, through an abandoned graveyard. Overhead I could hear the cackle of a raven as it flew above me through the mist that buried the view of the graves.

Suddenly a cold shiver ran down my spine and I started to feel jumpy and frightened. I was suddenly extremely aware of the fact that I was helpless and alone. I realised I was shaking uncontrollably. I wasn't sure whether it was from the cold or the fear that was building up inside of me. I started to walk faster, hurrying to get home, when suddenly something moving to the right of me caught my eye. I should have ignored it and carried on walking. But I didn't. I turned, and in that moment I witnessed a spectacle that terrified me to my very soul.

A woman stood dead still, right in front of me, there seemed to be a white glow emanating from her. I could feel the glare of her gaze piercing, burning into my skin. She wore dirty and torn topaz taffeta rags that flapped and flowed in the wind. In her hands she held a wilting bouquet. I was unable to control my actions under her power and I felt myself take a step towards her. I took a closer look at her and saw her face was thin and worn; her cheek bones seemed to protrude far from her face. She had only her left eye; the other was a deep, gaping hole. Her skin was the palest ivory, and chunks of flesh were missing from her right cheek and forehead. I could not take my eyes away from her. She was truly the most horrifying sight I had ever seen, though it was clear that she had once been a genuine beauty. This contrast terrified me, and every vein in my body was screaming at me to run, but I just couldn't. I felt my mouth open and the words "Who are you?" seemed to twist out. She did not answer and in her ignorance I felt myself step towards her, my body now completely controlled, it seemed, by her. I asked her again and as I did, to my utter horror, I touched her ragged shoulder. At my touch she let out a heart-shattering scream and with her good eye, looked directly at me, as though she was staring into my very soul. The scream seemed to last forever, but as it ended there was a blinding flash of white light, and then she was gone.

Her disappearance awoke my subconscious, and helped me regain control of my body. I turned, and now controlled by the fear, I ran as fast as my legs could move. The adrenaline coursing through my veins was like something I had never felt before. Below the fear I could feel the questions plague my brain "Who was she and where did she go?" and as I ran I felt another question surface in my mind- "Will we ever meet again?"

-- Even Gods Dream