I don't know if the story behind this story is of interest to anyone, but here some of it is.

In short: I first wrote this in April this year, and forgot about it for the best part of six-five months. Through the response of Mary's disorder in Johnny and Mary I was bemused at how little people understood her state, which reminded me of this piece and I wondered if it would be of any "educational" or "informative" help to anybody. Then with the help of Crazy Dog Events, Ebony Stars, Mal Aimee and Preet Dhugga I slowly shaped the rough draft that I'd written all those months ago, into the piece it is today.

Needless to say, all the events are based on real ones that happened in my life. I take that run every Sunday morning. I am a member of those communities. I even have pictures of me at that meal, wearing those clothes down to the last detail. I also wanted to prove the point that bulimia is not cool, it is not glamorous- not even in that "beauty in the breakdown" way- it ruins your life in one spluttering pool of vomit, it is disgusting and not any kind of "fad diet". I have been in recovery since April; I attend a regular support group every Thursday near my college. Back when I wrote this, I really did have a BMI of 16.6; I now currently have one of 20.3. I am not fully recovered, but I am about 210 healthier than I was.

This is also a sentimental piece, because it is the last thing I plan on posting to fictionpress. I've been a member since I was...eleven. Six years ago, and that's kind of scary. Since then I've read some really great writers who show allot of promise, all of whom you will find in my favourite's sections. I've also grown as a writer, although I do find it fitting that the first thing I posted was a poem on anorexia, and the last thing I post is along the similar subject. Thank you to everyone who's supported me. I don't really have much time for writing anymore, but I owe allot to what skills I do have to this place.

So one last thanks in particular to Crazy Dog Events who corrected this piece's grammar, and gave me pointers. And all the others who fed me back their opinions. I hope you enjoy it, and at the very least leave with some kind of insight.

As ever, citrus scented. x