Clouds coming to steal me into shadows
I burn and break
slip under waves of oblivion
come back to air hours later
but it still singes my lungs
in scents of sulfur and tears

I fight the wars of my own making
wear the flags of both sides with belief
frenzy my mind into divisions
threatening to self-destruct one another
and already I am shell shocked
torn between uncommon outbursts
when the soul senses its sundering
and the pale silence of wide open eyes
focused with blindness

We thrust our spears to ground
tied the banners of the field upon them
proclaimed that here
we'd build into the earth
a lake like no other
a state of visible intention
synonymous with both swimming
and drowning

So it was when I dug out my senses
replaced my mind with straw
gave my heart dominion over bloodshed
and waited for the conflict to escalate
the way clouds cover the land