I was going to begin with:
I cannot be other than I am

Soon I saw my own lie
shining silver and unsinking
even amidst all this sand

Plucked it from its latent rest
a shiver sprang from hilt to heart
with the whetstone of my own admittances
tested its readiness against your helm of silence
all the things you leave unsaid

Those whispers are stronger seeds
than any words you've ever sown with me
Any bone can break
given the right weapon

I swung this lie with sick anticipation
a strange fervour for battle but not for blood
sparking between my lungs
arced the blade forward with footwork
balanced on the balls of my feet for thrust
and parry, thrust-

I heard the song of singed air
compressed my senses into this circle
spun while the world was still
pressed the advantage
until I saw my solution
missing link among the lies

Saw that this was the same dance
I've been engaged to bladework for years
Saw that this song was my own
that I would never have you to hold

Spun my hilt again
flashed this silver snake inwards
pierced my heart
where it was already broken
then I twisted the blade

Now I hold my own death
I am as I always was.