old ripped jeans

hanging loosely from her hips

while bitten off nails are

tucked firmly inside the sweatshirt

since pulling up the hood

to shade dark hair and face


lilacs fade beneath the rain

rolling down before dropping,

one by one to break on the pavement

spattering at her feet


she is standing beside the

old oak tree

since walking there, and waiting there

feet shift, then stay still


a wind blows the clothes against

her drizzle-drenched skin


heavy fog stifles the noise of the engine

and blankets the yellow gleam cutting past

until they vanish, switch off


muffled footsteps move closer

slipping off the grass

scuff the pavement


her eyes do not lift to watch

as he avoids the puddles to reach her

tugging jacket closer around

to shield the sweater

covering all but tie and collar


at last he comes to her

making no sound or gesture

but standing facing her


rain drips down his back

from the leaves beyond his head

he takes no notice

only watching


a single hand reaches out

to halfway between the distance

waiting for its partner


eyes connect

then slowly

two hands meet

Edited 11-28-06 I got rid of stanza 5 and replaced it with a new stanza 5 and 6. Better? still editing this, but comments are still appreciated!