Notes: Woah, that took a long time to finish the last chapter. Stupid exams... Anyway, here it is. At least you get a vaguely happy ending, anyway. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 3

Keith awoke in a white area surrounded by curtains, with light shining down on him. He tried to sit up, but he was hit by a wave of pain and was forced to lie back down again. He groaned.

"Ah, he's awake!" Keith turned his head slightly to see a nurse come over and check his bandages, chatting away to him.

"You've been in here for quite a few days, I was beginning to think you weren't going to wake up. How did you get such bad wounds? Well, don't worry about it now, you're safe. Oh, and by the way, some of your friends are demanding to see you, I'll let them come up in a bit." Keith moaned in reply, and the woman left still chatting away happily to other patients. A few minutes later, the curtains were pushed aside, and Fox and Bear entered. They both looked quite concerned.

"Hey," Bear greeted him. Keith groaned.

"You ok?" Fox asked. Keith moaned again, and Fox smiled. "I'll take that as a no."

"Well, look where you ended up," Bear said darkly, sitting down on one of the plastic chairs by the bedside. Keith hung his head. Bear, sensing the boy's unhappiness and shame, reached out and patted his head. Keith flinched slightly as the man touched a bruise from when he had passed out and hit the ground, then looked up unsurely. Bear smiled gently, and slowly Keith smiled tentatively back.

"It's gonna be alright, kid," Fox assured the boy. "You can come live with us, we'll take care of you." Keith's head snapped up, looking directly at the orange haired man.

"Really?" he asked, his voice rough from disuse. Both Fox and Bear nodded.

"We have a spare room, you can stay there until you have someplace of your own. Get you back on your feet." Keith's bottom lip quivered; he was barely holding back tears. No-one had accepted him like this, not knowing who he really was. No-one had ever offered him so much and expected nothing in return.

"T…thank you," he choked. Both Fox and Bear smiled kindly then left. Keith lay back and went so sleep, for once contented and safe.

"Lift that end up a bit! That's it, a bit more. Got it!" Smiling, Keith wiped his face with his shirt and stepped out from behind the cabinet he and Bear had just lifted into his new home. The last few years living with Fox and Bear had been good to him, he was now a young man, as opposed to the scared little boy he had been. His hair had darkened slightly to a light brown, and his freckles had all but disappeared. He had grown a few inches, and his lean body was more muscled, courtesy of both his job and weight lifting at Fox and Bear's inside gym. Now, at 18, Keith had his own flat, his own job at the local mechanics, where he'd always wanted to work, and his adoptive family. Life for him was looking up. Even so, he still visited Justin's grave, a small headstone in the local cemetery, paid for out of the last of Justin's savings. He had sworn to himself he wouldn't make the same mistake twice. He had decided not to date anyone again. He couldn't risk getting hurt like that anymore.

"Come, on Keith! That's not the last of it!" Bear's shout brought Keith out of his reflections. Shaking himself slightly, the young man hurried back down the stairs, to fetch the rest of his furniture into his new home.