My contribution to TDoR, Transgender Day of Rememberance.


Something that goes against the code
The mode of thinking
of morality shrinking and
Times that change as a sentient being that --
Have their own thoughts
of what's right and what's not
And we're caught like flies
in a glued-paper lot and we're
told what we are is wrong,
though we waited so long,
And why should they care that we're even there?
A ploy for attention, they say with disdain
and rip off his tie and ignore his pain
and lift up her skirt and laugh at what's plain
as the nose on her face, now.
This is a disgrace. How did
we fall so far as to scar
the ones who trusted and adjusted and wanted to be known --
we welcome them with open arms and
promises of harm and
silence them then, with a gunshot
a garrotte
a knife or a rope or a
match and a can of gasoline
and vent our spleens about the world
And blame it on the brave, the unheard.