she curls up in the darkest corner

scribbling her thoughts in cheap notebooks

silently watching him

defending his honor

protecting him from the cruelty his "friends" dish out

oh, how she wishes he would look her way

to look into his dark, bottomless pools of bittersweet

but she knows that, after a glimpse

she'll beg for more


he walks the streets with arrogance

using and abusing for his own pleasure

his eyes darting in the gritty niches

hoping to catch a glimpse of that sleek, midnight black hair

her scent of ink and apples

how he longs to catch a sniff

but when he does

will he be able to walk away?


she clutches the notebook-

filled with her darkest desires-

to her chest

as she screams in pain

"oh, but why?" she whispers silently

for he isn't doing anything to stop her pain

the laugh and jeer at her looks

scattered thoughts lost in the wind

she's giving up


he won't take it anymore

intercepting the play

he suffers each blow

again and again

whispers reassurances in her ear

she's slowly fading

his raven- haired beauty

will soon be no more


two lives lost in the hands of doubt

and i sadly shake my head

as those same hands run off

to destroy another love

the classic tale of romeo and juliet

come to life