As Liberty and Gravity turned into memories, did you fight freedom or did you break free?

The moon was shrouded in the dense fog that usually covered the country of Shivé in the winter. The bright fresh snow that had fallen only hours ago was still untouched by human hands.

Except, of course, for the extending trail of footprints coming from the last town. The last town…had been her home. But now, she could not go back. She forbade herself from doing so.

If one turned around from the trail, they would have seen the orange sky over the town, lit up from the blazing fire she had created. The blaze was not out of cruelty. It was for their own protection.

Saigan shivered and brought a hand back up to her right eye. Tears of blood seeped through her fingers and continued down her cheek and hand. This was her curse. She had tried to hide it, but in the end, it had overpowered her.

The elders had advised the children of her village that they must never visit the God who lived in the mountains surrounding their little hamlet. However, the little ones never took heed to their warnings. They dared Saigan when she was only a child to visit the God, for they had heard if you survived the God's trails, he would grant all your wishes. It was an easy thing for an eight year old to believe.

So Saigan left in the middle of cold winters' night years ago to find the God. She entered the God's lair amidst large sparkling pillars. The God appeared and asked her what she wanted. Saigan was only eight-keep in mind-so she said she wanted to make a wish. The God became furious with such a childish request and told her he would never grant her wishes until the day she died. As he told her his prophetic words, he settled a curse over Saigan's young body.

Every time she killed someone or physically hurt them, she would cry blood from her right eye. The more she killed, the more blood she would cry until eventually there would be no more life in her. To make it even worse, if she hurt herself, if would happen as well.

The God threw Saigan out of his cave and sealed the entrance shut so he could never be reached again. Saigan raced back home, thinking it was a joke. And if it wasn't, she decided, she would never kill or hurt others. That had to be the solution. As of that day, she vowed to never harm another again.

Saigan stayed true to her word until her 16th birthday. So far she had survived for 8 years without bruising, spraining, hurting or killing anyone including herself. Ironically, she was working as the blacksmith's apprentice in town. Just a month after her birthday, she was carrying a hot iron blade to the cooling bucket. She tripped on a misplaced axel and fell to the ground-on the hot iron.

If the bruise welling up on her leg wasn't bad enough, the iron blade cut and burned through her ribcage. Saigan screamed from the pain and the blacksmith came over immediately. He pulled the blade away from Saigan's burnt flesh and immediately placed a cool cloth over it.

Saigan did not remember what happened next, for she had passed out from the pain. However, when she woke up, she found there was a cloth tied over her right eye. Her chest had been bandaged, but the bruise on her leg looked even worse than before.

Until that day, Saigan had almost forgotten about crying blood. But as she prodded the cloth, she knew why it was there. Her mother came in to the room Saigan had been sleeping in, and told her everything that had happened. She said that the townspeople were concerned; not about Saigan, but about her evil eye.

They wanted to stitch her right eye shut so it would never open up again and cause any evil. Saigan couldn't bear to listen to her mother speak of such things. She told her mother it was not an evil eye; it was a curse from the God in the mountains.

Saigan's mother was upset to the utmost degree with her fro sneaking off to the mountain God. She wasn't as upset about that, though, as the townspeople, who, day by day slowly came to despise Saigan. Saigan's eye had been crying blood for over a day, and they did not know how to stop it.

They finally had it one night, and told Saigan's mother that she had to remove the eye and if she didn't do it, they would. Saigan's mother told her to pack her things, go to the blacksmith and grab what she had been working on-her Aurum scythes.

Her mother deliberately set fire to her room as Saigan escaped from the back gates of the village. The fire, however, had a mind of its own and got out of control. The entire village was soon under attack of the blaze by the time Saigan was far away.

Her long trail of footprints had been a slanting line from the start. She made her way to the river that flowed through her village and followed it Westward towards the Great Plains. By midnight it had begun to snow again. The next morning, the only way one would have recognized where Saigan was going would be from the little red droplets that stained the snow every few feet.

Her chest ached and her leg seemed like it would break from the bad bruise and now the strenuous journey, but Saigan continued onwards. She could not go back there. That is, she could not go back until…

Until she found a way to remove her curse.

The farther away you go, the harder it is to return.

Beyond the Hajj mountains lie the Great Plains. The Great Plains stretch all the way to the Iron Coast. The Iron Coast is the home of the capitol of Shivé, Pietrah.