Ok, I wrote this at the end of 2005. We didn't have inteweb access, and now we do.

Enjoy. Also, this is really five chapters long, but for some reason, I put them all on the same document. o.O sorry. Please, read on, my dear readers, read on...and the names will not be revealed until the end. Don't ask me why...i just thought it was a good idea. Flames accepted. Will be used to cook with.

Forbidden, Yet There

chapter one: and then she was there (part one)

He called my name and I spun around to see him standing there with his green jacket. It was old and worn, and the color was fading fast, but he made it look absolutely fabulous. Anything he wore looked magnificent. It took my breath away to see him standing in the door way, all hot and sweaty. He was panting, so obviously he had been running. I smiled at him.

"Hey stranger." I said. Though his breath still wasn't back, he cracked a smile, which made me very warm on the inside. He had the greatest smile. His teeth were perfect, and very white. They sparkled when ever light shone on his face. His lips were full and juicy. SO many times have I spent hours on end just imagining what it would be like to kiss those beautiful lips. How they would feel against mine. His hair was ruffled, more then it usually was. If I could, I'd take a comb and try to tame that wild hair of his.

"You weren't, planning on leaving without saying goodbye, were you?" he asked. It was more of a statement, really. Like he was expecting the right answer. What was the right answer?

"Well you know, I am kind of busy right now. Can we talk about this later??" I asked, that same smile sneaking back on my lips. He shook his head. He was breathing normally now, so when he spoke, it was not ragged.

"There might not be time later so I think we should settle this now." he said. I sighed. He was right, after all. In a few hours, I would be on a train out of town, and we'd probably never see each other for many, many years. We did need to settle this. It was something that was bothering both us. I stopped packing my clothes and composed myself in a normal way. He came towards me. He came to me, and he stopped when he was right in front of me. He stood at a fine six foot two. I stood at a regular five foot seven.

"I am in love with you," he said, lowering his eyes so I wouldn't look into his. Though he told me this already, he still blushed whenever it was said out loud. Those words were the words that I had longed to hear for so many years. It was pure bliss to hear them. I loved him so much. You don't know how much. My love for him just built up so much inside of me as soon as those words left his mouth. I gently grabbed his face and guided my lips to his. He didn't pull back, but he didn't kiss me either. Not at first. As the realization at what I was doing sunk in, he began to kiss me too. He wrapped his arms around my waist. My hands stayed where the were.

"Mm..." someone moaned. Was it me? Was it him? It was probably me. We should've stopped and we both knew it. This was wrong, though it seemed so right. It felt so right. He knew this. He knew this more then I did, and yet, with the knowledge of this in his mind, he did not pull back. One of us had to do it, and it wasn't going to be him.

"...We should stop." I said. It tore me up inside to say that, to pull away from him. I turned my back to him and hugged myself. He sighed, with what seemed like, pain.

"I know. We shouldn't do this. It's wrong. But please, don't turn away from me. You can't deny what we feel when it's in plain sight! It's there in front of us, and no matter what, it will stay there." he said. His hand was on my arm. I placed my hand on his and turned around to look at him. Our eyes met. I saw the feelings in his eyes, and I'm sure he saw them in mine. Before I knew it, we were kissing each other again. Very passionately, very much like in love. There was a horrible shriek from the doorway, and we stopped. There stood his fiancee, breathing hard, cheeks red with her purse in her hand. He and I looked at each other and we knew what the other was thinking.

It is, forbidden.

chapter two: and then she was there (part two)

I looked at the woman in my arms, and then I looked at the woman across from us. One I loved. The other, I was in love with. Both were very important people in my life, but this was the moment of choice.

"I knew it! I knew you were in love with her!" my fiancee shrieked. There was no denying it anymore. The proof was right there in front of her.

"Honey, I-" I was about to say, let me explain, but she cut me off. I'm not sure how I could explain this in a way that wouldn't hurt either one of them. I looked back at the woman in my arms. She was looking at my fiancee, who looked like she was on the brink of tears.

"Don't you do that! Don't you use names that will try to make it all better! Nothing will make it better! Nothing!" she yelled, and then she began to cry. "How can you do this? Our wedding is in three hours!"

"I-" I tried, but yet again, she cut me off. I was getting annoyed that she kept doing that, but I couldn't be mad at her. After what she saw before her, I couldn't blame her.

"Shut up! Don't say anything! I knew you were in love with her! I mean, come on, it was inevitable! She's know you almost your whole life! You grew up together! She knows things about you that not even I know..." she said. Now, she was letting the tears fall, and she didn't even care. "If you loved her so much, then maybe she should be the one walking down the isle with you!" she screamed. The idea of that was wonderful, and it showed on my face. That just made her more hysterical.

"You two are best friends, and now, you're lovers. Fine! Throw me out the picture! The least you could've done was not rip my heart out!" my fiancee screamed. She threw her purse at us, and then ran. The woman in my arms just looked at me.

"What a fix..." she said. I sighed. Yeah, this was a fix. A very terrible fix indeed.

"You should go after her." she said. And I nodded. Though it was pure agony, I pulled away from her, and left her there. Alone. Just before I reached the door, she sighed and said something.

"So it happens. The end is here." she said, I slowed down. I was about to turn around and ask her what she meant when a heard a car slam on it's breaks and honk four times from the open front door of the apartment. I hurried out the front door and ran down the stairs. All the time I was praying that my fiancee was alright. Just as I reached the bottom, I saw a flash of her long black hair wisk around a corner. Her long red coat trailing behind. I chased after her.

"Wait!" I called. I know she heard me, but she was in such a scared, panicked, sad frenzy that she ignored me. Of course she would. If she wasn't in such a frenzy, she would still ignore me and run on. I tripped over a root sticking out from the ground. I fell to ground. Sitting up, I got a better look at my surroundings. I was in the park. She was in the park. What for? What was she hear for? Unless...

"Oh no..." as it dawned on me what she was going to do, I quickly scrambled to my feet and ran in the direction I remember following.

"I hope I'm not too late." I said. Oh GOD, did I hope I wasn't too late.

It was...forbidden. And now the suffering will begin.

Chapter three: and then I was gone.(part one)

I ran. Yes, I ran. Any woman that was feeling what I was feeling would run. I knew they were in love, it was plain as day. His mother ever hinted at what would happen. She knew this was going to happen. If she knew, why didn't she stop it? Actually, she did try to stop it. She even told me, flat out told me that this would happen. Being the impossible person I was, I ignored her, and got angry. She told me. She told twice. The second time I told her off. That was when his best friend, that woman, first came to town to see him. This was three weeks ago, and his mother hasn't spoken to me since. Now I can see why. Stupid, I was so stupid! I am stupid for thinking that when she came along, there would be no problems. Well, at least it happened before we wedded. It would've been more painful to find out he loved another when we already had a commitment. I stopped running. There I was, at the bridge. I stared out into the water of the lake. It was supposedly six feet deep, right? Well, I was about to find out. I grabbed hold of the railing and pulled myself up. Holding on to a bar that was next to me, I stared at the dark water. It was murky, and bleak. Exactly like me. Perfect. I took a deep breath. Supposedly my last.

"Don't do it!" he yelled. Judging by how loud his voice was, I'd say he was closing in on me, and fast. I turned my head to see him coming to a halt a few feet away.

"Don't, please don't.." he beseeched me. I laughed.

"Why shouldn't I? Give me one good reason!" I shouted out him, my anger overcoming my sadness. The look in his eyes were one that I could've killed him for: worry. Concern. I scowled.

"Because I love you." he said. My eyes widened. Oh my GOD! I felt murderous. But no. I would not dirty my hands before I took my life. I turned back to face the water. Staring hard out into the sky, I jumped. His hand was on my arm instantly, but he fell in with me. Fine. He could die as well. His grip on my arm was gone, and I was sinking. I didn't make any attempts to swim for the surface. The water was so dark that it would be impossible for him to find me. For him to "save" me. I should've held those words. An arm wrapped securely around my waist and I was being pulled to the surface. I fought him. I struggled. Let me sink, I wanted to scream. We reached the surface, and both of us were gasping for air.

"Let, me...GO!" I shrieked. I tried pulling his arm off of me, but what good would that do? All I would do is float and I'd have to swim to the shore to try again. Speaking of which, we reached the shore. We were coughing and sputter water. He collapsed on the sand next to me.

"Don't...ever...try...that...again..." he breathed.

"I felt I had no meaning in life before I met you. I felt worthless, and then you come along, making me feel like I was something. Making me feel like...well...a natural woman. When I saw you and your best friend together, my world fell apart and everything was destroyed. So why? If you love her, then why do you still want me alive?"

"Because I don't want anyone to die. That's not needed. Death isn't worth it." he said.

"You're worth it. I loved you. I still do. You were the only person in the world that showed me real love." I replied. He didn't say anything. I didn't think so. No, I really didn't think so.

The suffering has begun and pity will not be taken.

chapter four: and then I was gone (part two)

I didn't stick around. To find out what happened with those two. Our worlds have officially been broken apart. There is not circle where we can enjoy ourselves. Not anymore. He and I will always be close, but we got so close, that all of our worlds have been broken. Hers, his, and mine. I'm gone now. I'm on my train out of this town and into another one. I'll begin again, though it won't feel whole. A piece will always be gone. I'm sure it was always gone. I knew I loved him before we went out into the world, I just hated to admit it to myself. It felt so strange to say that I loved my best friend. Eventually, I forgot about my feelings for him, until I got the invitation to their wedding. Then they came flooding back like a tidal wave, and there was no possible way I could control it. I tried, desperately I tried, but I failed. I knew I would fail. And now, this. This has happened. We are in love, but we are torn apart. She is in love with him,, but her heat is in shreds, and she will never be the same again. I know this, because I can feel it. If I were to find her right now, and tell her I'm sorry and I know how she felt, I wouldn't blame her for slapping me. For slapping me twice. I really wouldn't. I would only blame myself, because I only have myself to blame. This is a sad, sad thing. And it's even worse, because no one wins in the end. He and I can never be together because we would still think about her. They can't be together because he is in love with me. Now that I think about it, now that I really think about it, no one will win, and we are coming to an end. Yes, I only have myself to blame. Myself, and this treacherous, but wholesome thing called love. No one will win in the end. No one.

The suffering must continue, but somewhere it will stop.

Chapter five: and then there were none

Him, his best friend, and his fiancee. They went there separate ways that day. Even though the wedding was going to start, they never showed up, and everyone was wondering, where the bride and groom-to-be were. The best friend was on her way out of town, as said, and she never once went back, for fear that she would run into someone from that day. She lived her new-but-not-so-new life in Boston. It was a new experience. He and his fiancee met after they had dried off and were calm.

"So this is it, the end." he said. His ex-fiancee looked at him with glassed eyes. She was trying so hard not to cry, and he could tell. He'd known long enough to know this after all. His best friend did the same thing. Yes, he still considered her his best friend. More then his best friend, now. He was in love with her, and he knew this was real. Charlotte. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with his best friend, Charlotte. He vowed to himself he would.

"Yes, I suppose it is. Rather hurtful, huh?" she said. He smiled sadly. It finally sunk in on him. The fact that he was now walking out of the life of the second most important person to him. She was right. It was hurtful. It was fully painful. Though he wasn't in love with her, he still loved her. Very much. And she knew this.

"Well Jane, I guess this is goodbye. You have your things then?" he asked, trying not to sound pained and sad. His voice cracked. Jane nodded.

"Yes, I do." she said. They were silent.

"We'd better get out of here before it hurts too much." he said. She looked away.

"It already hurts too much." she said in a whisper. He heard.

"Good bye Jane." he said, and turned to walk away. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

"Goodbye Alexander." she whispered to herself, and then walked in the opposite direction.


The suffering will continue but soon it will stop. The suffering will stop when they all move on. It is their own fault. Their own fault for following what was Forbidden, Yet There.