Name: Taka Kusanagi
Likes: cats, pancakes, landscapes
Dislikes: spiders, horror movies
Class: 2-A
Club: None
Fun Fact: His goal for high school is to make it out alive

Too many names to remember

A giant beetle screeched. There was a thunderous blast and the wall to the chemistry lab blew open, crumbling into blocks of rubble and vaporized dust clouds. The giant beetle's pincers snapped in the air. It then trudged through the broken wall and looked down.

Yuko and Taka ran out of the dust cloud, panting with terrified faces. Taka's eyes were narrowed in angry determination while his mouth became jagged teeth. He shouted and sprinted faster.

"I told you!" he howled.

Yuko's short pink hair bounced as her light green eyes swelled up with frightened tears. She wore a chemistry lab coat and goggles across her forehead. Though, they looked more like aviation goggles than chemistry ones. Her feet spun into wheels to keep up with Taka. "I'm not the one who put the beetle in the solution," she answered. "It flew in by itself!"

"That's not the point!" Taka panted in a loud voice. "The Beta 6—"

"Beta 7!" she shouted.

"Beta 7 shouldn't have been mixed in the first place!"

"But the chemical ingredients should have made a protein and dextrose mixture—" Yuko paused and pointed a finger at Taka threateningly "—Ah! You don't even know anything about chemistry! Don' try and lecture me! You haven't even been in this school a full day yet!" She smiled at her own intelligence and nodded her head. "It was a minor miscalculation that I didn't know what the syrup would do to the rest of the mixture."

"That's what I'm trying to say!" Taka cried. They turned the corner and continued running. "The Beta 6—"

"Beta 7!"

"Beta 7 had a biohazard sign on the bottle! What could have possibly gone through your head for you to think it was even a remotely good idea to mix it with anything!"

"It did?" Yuko said in an innocent voice.

Jun was sitting with a cup of tea in his hand. His jagged short brown hair fell in bangs around his closed eyes. He opened them and held the cup up to his mouth. "Popillia japonica; 6.2 meters long, 3.16 meters high."

Across from him Shia, the school committee president, also sat with a cup of tea in her hands. She had long dark blue hair and similar colored eyes. Beside Jun and Shia, Tomoya sat. She had a look of curiosity on her face. Her short cyan hair turned with her head as she looked back and forth between them. Two white ribbons tied around two long bangs hung beside her cheeks. They were all wearing the standard white and blue school uniform.

"My, my, a Japanese beetle?" Shia said in her typical high-class voice.

The three of them heard screams in the hall belonging to Taka and Yuko. Tomoya perked up in fright as the shouts were drowned out by a huge rolling noise that sounded like a train. As the voices and noise disappeared down the hall she quickly looked back at Jun and Shia. They raised their tea to their mouths and sipped quietly.

"I want to go home!" Taka cried. He panted in rhythm with his running and moved his arms up and down like an Olympic track runner. He shouted in a low tone slowly rising in pitch as his eyes burned with fire. "I will make it home! I refuse to die my first day as a transfer student!"

"Ah! Taka-kun! Mikoto at twelve 'o clock!" Yuko warned.

"I thought it was closer to four…wait, who's Mikoto?"

Mikoto was lying in the middle of the hall with her legs together and her arms sticking forward. Her chibi face showed a sleepy smile of absolute comfort. Taka's expression turned to ghastly shock as his feet tripped over her sleeping body. Yuko soon followed, unable to slow down either.

"Ah my foot! Who sleeps in the hall! Why does she have a pillow!" Taka choked on his complaints as his face smacked the ground. Yuko landed on top of him, breaking several bones in his body. He picked his head up with a twisted scowl but didn't make any noise. Why was this happening? Why did he have to stay after school to help Yuko? Why was there a girl with short blonde hair standing in front of him? Why were her green eyes looking forward with a big grin stuck to her face? What was with all the strange people in the school? Why did he just now notice he had an unbelievable great panty shot of the girl standing in front of him? Was that a cat on the front? If he was the first male introduced does that make him the hero?

Betty, the girl with the short blonde hair, piercing green eyes, big grin, and panties with a cat on it, stood her ground as the chasing beetle slowed to screech a victorious howl.

"Machinegun Betty!" Yuko shouted in glee. "Just the person we need!" Taka looked up at her as Betty showed a vicious smile of killing intent.

"Interesting," she laughed. "Very interesting."

Mikoto stirred and woke from her slumber. She slowly picked herself up and held the pillow under her arm. She yawned, patted her mouth tiredly, and then looked at Taka, Yuko, and Betty. She turned and looked at the giant beetle towering over her. It snapped its pincers at her twice. A large oversized single strand of hair above her head wiggled and the drooped. She yawned again and lied back down, sticking a thumb in her mouth.

"How can you sleep!?" Taka yelled at her.

Betty turned slightly and reached behind her back. A long glint of dark silver and black appeared around her side. She had one hand on the handle of its shaft, and the other over a handle sticking out the top. She pulled the gatling gun forward and aimed its seven barrels at the beetle. Her face warped into a sadistic smile as she roared with laughter. The gatling gun exploded with flashes and noises. The high-powered slugs were flung at the creature in a massive volley. The beetle screeched and fell backward under the daunting tidal wave of ammunition. Meanwhile, Betty continued to laugh in triumph.

"I'll take it from here!" A voice shouted. Pipi flew down the hall riding a magic broom until she was over the beetle. Betty stopped firing and looked up to see who had interrupted her. Pipi hopped off the broom and quickly grabbed it, spinning it like a baton. "Super magic seal activate!" she shouted. A glyph of light swallowed the beetle and it made one last cry before it disappeared in a puff of smoke. Pipi landed on the ground with her eyes closed and mouth tilted in a victorious smile. She held up her hand and a card fell into it. It had a picture of the beetle on its face.

"Tch," Betty muttered, slinging the gun over her shoulder. Smoke was still pouring out of its barrels. "I could have defeated it myself."

"Thank you Betty-san! Thank you Pipi-chan!" Yuko cheered as she looked at each. "If it weren't for you guys, we would have been eaten alive! Taka-kun, thank them too for cleaning up your mess."

"Why did this suddenly become my fault," he muttered.

"Isn't he the transfer student in our class?" Pipi asked. She poked his head with the edge of her broom.

"He's kind of worthless," Betty added. She made another noise of disappointment with her teeth and walked off.

"Yuko-chan, did you watch Magical Card Girl Master last night?" Pipi said with excitement.

"I didn't, what happened?" Yuko answered, walking away with her. Pipi's violet eyes sparkled as glittering stars appeared around her. As they danced around her head of long light purple hair, she talked to Yuko who nodded her head after each sentence of explanation.

Taka twitched his leg, still lying on the ground. There was complete silence. He heard the wind howl and a tumbleweed rolled past him. What exactly happened since school ended he wasn't sure. The only things he was positive of were that there was a reason Beta 7 had a biohazard sign, he should never help Yuko ever again, sleeping in the hall with a pillow was dangerous, and girls who wore cat panties could pull machine guns from their back. Another tumbleweed rolled by.

"KU-SA-NA-GI-KUN…" a woman's voice seethed.

Taka picked his head up. His homeroom teacher, Miss Kawada, stood in front of him. Her eyes had become black flames. She was known throughout the student body as one of the most frightening teachers in existence. Her aura alone could choke people on the spot. Taka's earlier introduction to the rest of the class had gone sour when he knocked over a glass of water on her desk due to his nervousness. The fact that the water happened to spill on her D-cup-sized breasts, soaking her white shirt to reveal a very exotic bra didn't help either. She usually wore a suit jacket over her chest, but it happened to be really hot that day. The shame of the incident manifested into vile, dark power, that swept everyone away in a torrent of darkness, upturning desks, flinging students around, and nearly killing Taka. It took half an hour to put everything and everyone back in their right places.

Taka looked around the hall. The ground was cracked in several places. Tiles resembled webs of cracked ceramic. Lights were hanging off the ceiling, broken. The glass windows were blown apart. And there were bullets holes everywhere.

"I-It w-wasn't me!" he squealed. He could already see the flames getting bigger in her eyes.

"It wasn't?" she groaned, attempting to curl her lips into a sarcastic smile.

Taka quickly looked around but couldn't find Yuko, Betty, or Pipi. The only other person was Mikoto, stilling lying on the floor behind him, on a pillow, with a thumb stuck in her mouth. She looked a little old to have a thumb in her mouth. Should Taka betray her and pin blame on her? Would the Kawada-sensei even believe it?

"It was Mikoto's fault!" he cried helplessly. Even before Kawada-sensei's hand reached for his collar like a reaper, he knew he regretted that.

"Then both of you can clean every spot, corner, and crevice in the school!" She grabbed Mikoto by her collar and dragged her away too. Though, Mikoto continued to sleep.

"But I had nothing to do with it!" Taka defended.

Kawada-sensei slipped her arm around his neck and crushed it. She smiled tenderly at his ghostly face. "Kusanagi-kun," she whispered. "Do you want to polish every grain of sand in the school yard too?"

There was a helpless cry that echoed down the hall. Tomoya sat rigid with a twitching smile of fear. She was in the same class as Taka, Yuko, and Pipi, so she had taken part in the dark cleansing early in the morning. Jun sat quietly with his eyes closed and sipped his tea. Shia took a sip from hers. She slowly smiled and giggled.

Taka wiped his hand in a circle, cleaning the last mirror in the bathroom. He sighed at his desperately tired reflection in the mirror. "Only two bathrooms to go," he moaned. He then scratched his head with worry. "I hope Mikoto is cleaning the girl's bathroom. I can't go in there…or can I?"

Taka laughed but then his head drooped. He wandered to the door and opened it. Mikoto was standing there with her back turned to him. Her long bubblegum pink hair flowed into a little curve above her waist.

"Mikoto?" he called. "Mikoto? You're not sleeping standing up are you?" He put a hand on her shoulder. She turned around with an eerie fluidity. Her face had become pale as snow and her mouth was glossy like red paint. Her eyes appeared as two empty holes and a black diamond was painted on her forehead.

Taka's face shriveled into a terrified mess. Mikoto grabbed his shoulder with one hand but he didn't have the nerve to move. She tilted her head a little and then put the other hand up to her face. She pulled off the mask.

"Taka-chan…" she mumbled in a quiet voice. It almost sounded euphoric. "Look at what I found. Isn't it straaaaange?"

Taka's face regained its color. "Don't scare me like that, it isn't healthy."

"Aaaaah," she said slowly. "Ok. But look at what I found…isn't it straaaaange?"

Taka patted both her shoulders and nodded. "Yes. It is. Where did you find it?"

"The girl's bathroooom," she said. She waved the mask around in the air as her mouth gaped open. Her eyes followed the mask in a dreamy curiosity. Even the single strand of hair above her head bounced back and forth.

"Well anyway, we need to finish." He stepped into the hall. Mikoto slowly turned and blinked. She hummed and tossed the mask to the ground.

As the door shut, the mask stared emptily at the ceiling. A low drone filled the air, followed by drums. The beat of the drums thumped faster, joined by clapping and low moans. The sounds turned into Tiki music with its own tribe of scantly clad men with surfboard masks to provide orchestral howls and shouts. Mikoto opened the door and looked around with a dumb smile.

"Is someone heeeeere?" she asked. There was no noise and no tiki tribe. She tilted her head and then left, shutting the door.