One day, you say
you take to paw
and leave home and hearth
Without leave
no - one sees
you make for trackless heath.
You are Scott or perhaps Wilson
in nineteen ten
and nobody is Markham
So you're a legion in Rome
two sixty BC
expanding into territories you'd never known.
Certainly, you're Hannibal
striding over alps
You'll teach them not to cross the Erbo.
But really, you're none of these things.
you're a cat,
and you're gone.
You're alone, and
nobody else will feed you.
and their attention is all wrong.
You turn your tail
and head for home.
Bloodied and battered,
at 5a.m. you fall from the roof
and mewl, dirty,
and crawl to my arms.
You see now?
There is no romantic adventure
to be had in this city.
A man was shot tonight,
and you look like death;
sound like pathos incarnate.
My boy, join me:
"Come friendly bombs,
and fall on Wolverhampton"
And curl to sleep on our duvet
The warmth of the combi-,
soothes the remnants of
our chilling dismay.
Never leave again, I pray.