Dear Diary

Today was so


I guess that's

The best way to put it

I don't know why

But I felt so sad

Darn those hormones

All the little pieces of me

Felt like they had been taken

And thrown away

To another world

Another galaxy

Why did I feel that why?

Why, diary, why?

I felt so out of place

In school

At home


And where ever

It's like people stare at me

And ask that question

"What's wrong with that one?"


Dear Diary

I just can't take it anymore

Everything seems to be crashing down

Before my eyes

My parents are divorcing

My brother got arrested

And me

I'm just so confused

Like I said yesterday

Everything's just so


And I feel sad

So sad

What's wrong?

What's wrong with me?


Dear Diary

It's been a while

Since I've written

So much happened

So much bad

Too much bad

I can't bear to write it here

But all I'll say

Is I can't stand it


Help me


Dear Diary


I can't hold on to life


Can't ride life


Goodbye, dear diary