His Voice


his voice so tantalizingly smooth

sends shivers down my spine

my soul he continually soothes

and he is mine—he is mine


his embraces so passionately warm

engulfing me with fervor, i perceive

my heart beats like a raging storm

this is love, i do believe—i do believe


his voice so enticingly deep

i constantly yearn for more

dreams of his touch and voice in my sleep

with him; i am not ruthless anymore


his caresses ever-so tender

i draw in deep gasps and i shiver

my love; my heart; my soul; i surrender

and then—and then burning with ardor, i quiver


his voice blazingly low

releasing burning sensations

my need for his touches steadily grow

he is my greatest and unbreakable temptation


his breath hot upon my skin

brings tremors that warms yet chills me

to feel this much passion must be a sin

yet—yet my everlasting love, i can guarantee


his silky baritone voice which i hold dear

does things to me i can not describe

these emotions so strong that i fear

this consistent and hungry vibe