Two Lovers' Dance


a gentle breeze wisps by my ear

hot shivers running down my spine

no where I want to be but here

our searching fingers intertwine


tender whispered words

body on body; lips brushing lips

soft sighs like melody of birds

a dance of hips grinding hips


soft, feathery touches

sensations riding overtime

you've got me in your firm clutches

are you mine? are you mine?


the weather is chillingly cold

but I am fervor hot

here alone in your strong hold

my problems I have forgot


a mysterious shadow surrounds us

darkening your handsome face

but love in eyes of gold do express

this is something I can not erase


blades of grass beneath naked skin

to everything else I am blind

our unbridled passion from within

embedded in my heart and mind


nails raking down in bliss

as this dance draws to a close

his soft yet forceful kiss

too many things they expose


I with eyes of brown chocolate

he with eyes of molten gold

our future as soul mates

is just waiting to unfold


she with eyes of black midnight

and he of sparkling violet

their ardor will soon ignite

never this moment will they forget


though there are four

this is undoubtedly true

I justly must confess

we are physically just two


yet it matters not

for our love is all the same

this relationship I've got

a hot and burning flame