I'm sitting here in class

My mind is drifting


What went wrong

So suddenly, so suddenly

I remember the day

When emotions overwhelmed me

The shock; the pain

The times you've helped me

Now, I am useless-- useless

I think back

To the moments we had

If I could turn back time

I would have made you laugh

And smile more often

I would have-- I would have

Spent more time with you

Laughing; Talking

Watching the sunrise; the sunset

Reflecting upon ocean water

Sit below a night sky

Twinkling with stars

A bright crescent moon

Wishing upon shooting stars

Blades of grass cool beneath our skin

I can't turn time

Much to my dismay

So I continue forth

With memories; with laughter

Within my heart

For you're in Heaven

Smiling; Radiating; Shining

Down upon me

Watching over everyone

With best intents at heart

I miss you dearly

but perhaps,

but perhaps

We will meet