Kiss the Girl

Ch.1-More Than You Think

"There you see her sitting there across the way. She don't got a lot to say, but there's something about her and you don't know why, but you're dying to try.
You wanna kiss the girl," the radio echoed into my ears. I shook my head and got up, slamming my fist on the off button. I knew I shouldn't have set the alarm to music. I walked over to my dresser and pulled out some jeans and a cute shirt. As I passed the mirror on my way to the bathroom, I stopped and looked into it. My curly brown hair floated just above my shoulders, and my drowsy, blue eyes squinted at the hallway light. I sighed. Monday Morning.

"Did you sleep well?" mother asked, as she started the car engine.

I rubbed my eyes and nodded slowly, letting out a yawn.

She chuckled softly and drove out of the driveway towards school.

"Anything special going on today?" she asked, cheerily.

I shook my head and yawned again. "Not that I know of," I said.

She smiled. "Maybe this will wake you up," she said, turning on the radio.

"There you see her sitting there across the way. She don't got a lot to say, but there's something about her and you don't know why, but you're dying to try.
You wanna kiss the girl…" the radio echoed once more. It was as if it was trying to repeat itself in my head.

My eyes bulged. "Do we have to listen to this?" I asked, trying to hide my shock.

My mom smiled. Obviously, she sensed something was going on. "No, I like this song," she said. "Ariel is my favorite."

I laughed nervously. "Okay…" I whispered, and leaned my head against the window. I'll just have to block it out somehow. I closed my eyes, remembering Friday's details….

It had been such a long day. Nathan hadn't talked to me at all, which wasn't exactly unusual, but I still missed when he spoke to me. His voice sounded so soothing and even if some things he said were a little disturbing. I just loved how nice he was and the comical view he had on things in English class. He was so cool and incredibly sweet. If only I had the guts to talk to him, I never did. He always had to talk first.

"Come on…just let me tell him, Bekah. You never know what could happen. It could be a good thing," she said.

I grumbled. Of course, I knew Jessie loved matchmaking, but I honestly didn't see how this situation would work. I mean, I hoped he would like me, if not now…then eventually, but…the more I thought about it, the more I felt it would never work out.

"I don't know, Jessie. I really don't see that point," I said.

"You'll never know, if you don't put yourself out there," she grinned.

Just then he passed us. I shook my head, aware of the situation, but then smiled…and I believe I was slightly blushing. Jessie shook her head. "Please, please….PLEASE LET ME TELL HIM!" she pleaded.

I shook my head. "No!" and I stomped off. My speed accelerated so much that I was no longer looking in front of myself and I ran into someone. When I looked up, I saw it was Nathan, he was talking to Trisha. My face fell even more.

He looked at me strangely.

"Sorry," I managed.

"It's okay," he said, coolly and continued talking with Trisha.

I went back to Jessie who was still standing in dismay.

"Fine, Jessie, just tell him. I don't care. My day is not going too hot, and nothing will ever happen between us because he probably likes Trisha who is going out with Fred anyways."

"Alright, …I'll tell him," she nodded

"You just do that…" and I walked away.

"We're here," mom said.

I shook my head, coming back to reality. "Okay, thanks," I said, forcing a smile.

"Is Cassie taking you home today?" she asked.

I nodded.

"Alright," she said, "I'll be home by six at the latest, kapeesh?"

I rolled my eyes. "Sure." I shut the car door, ignoring, at least partially, the 'I love yous' and 'goodbyes' she repeated numerous times. I headed towards the school and noticed him standing by the door with his friends. Keep walking! I shook my head and looked straight for the other doors, but Nick stopped me. "What do you want?" I asked, narrowing my eyebrows.

"Whoa, what's the problem? I was just gonna ask if you'd seen Lexi?" he stated.

I sighed. "It's nothing…and no, I haven't seen her. I just got here."

"Oh," he said. Then, suddenly he looked over my head and smiled giddily. Obviously, he had seen Lexi. I turned around as he ran for her and they held in a moment's tight hug. I smiled. They really were a cute couple…and their matching red hair was priceless.

I turned to look to the rest of Nick's group for a moment's instant. He wasn't looking at me. I sighed, and opened the door. Within two feet, I heard someone's Ipod ringing off some music. It sounded oddly familiar. I went closer to the sound, and sure enough…

"Yes, you want her Look at her, you know you do It's possible she wants you, too There is one way to ask her It don't take a word Not a single word Go on and kiss the girl…" it rang.

"Ah!" I shrieked. A few people looked at me, but then returned to their conversations. Why do I keep hearing this song? This time it even continued!

"Hey, what's up?" a voice asked.

I turned around slowly, relieved that it was only Cassie. "Oh hey," I sighed in relief. "Not much," I said, breathing heavily.

"What's the matter?" she smiled.

"Nothing…I just…I…" nothing would come out "nothing."

She laughed. "Yeah, I bet," she said. The bell rang, and we turned to go upstairs. "So…you're gonna tell me right?" she asked.

I chuckled. "No," I said.

"Alright, alright…keep it to yourself, but I know eventually you'll tell me," she smiled.

I shook my head. "Maybe," I said. When, we got to the top of the stairs, I noticed no one was holding open the door, so I went to it and held it myself. Cassie shook her head at me, but kept walking. Many more people went through. Some said thank-you or nodded. Others just kept walking, hardly even realizing that someone was holding open the door for them. "Rude," I muttered.

"What was that?" a different voice said.

I looked toward it, and my voice was caught in my throat. "Nothing," I stammered.

He raised his eyebrows and kept walking through the door way.

I just about fell apart. My breathing increased dramatically. My heart was beating double-time, and I was sure my face was a pure red. Oh man. I walked to my locker. Unfortunate for the rest of the students who just got about crushed by the huge door, I quickly let go of.

I followed behind him, until I had to keep going to my locker. He was at least a foot taller than me, and his dark, sandy, blonde hair made me shiver. I heard him say something to his friends, but I couldn't tell what it was. I just knew I was melting under the presence of his voice.

"Hey Tyler," I said, once I got to my locker.

He nodded. "And how was your weekend?" he asked.

I gulped. "It was alright," I said, as he came up behind us to talk.

"Hey Tyler," he said.

Tyler turned around and punched his shoulder. "Nathaaaaaaan, nice to see you," he said.

I rolled my eyes and slowly turned towards my locker, gathering my stuff and heading to my first hour class. "Boys," I muttered.

"What was that?" he asked.

I turned around to look at the speaker. Nathan. I smiled knowingly. "Nothing," I said.

Tyler looked back and forth between the two of us, confused.

I laughed, and pointed to Tyler with a 'crazy' hand motion.

Nathan laughed with me, and then I turned away.

"Sing with me now Sha-la-la-la-la-la My, oh, my Look at the boy too shy
He ain't gonna kiss the girl Sha-la-la-la-la-la Ain't that sad Ain't it shame, too bad
You gonna miss the girl…" Mr. Johnson sang out. "Oh, I didn't see you walk in, Miss Klowski.

You have got to be kidding me…I gulped. "It's okay," I laughed nervously. I just want to slap myself. IS THIS A DREAM?!? No…no… A NIGHTMARE! Gah. I glanced into the hallway and noticed Nathan leaning against my locker. My heart skipped a beat. Of course, I knew it was just because he was talking to Tyler, who's locker was next to mine, but still…it was pretty cool.

The bell rang, as Nick skipped into class.

"Late again, Mr. Parker?" Mr. Johnson asked.

He nodded and took his seat behind me.

Mr. Johnson sighed loudly, and began writing out problems on the board. "You should NEVER be late to Algebra two," he muttered.

I chuckled and turned around. "So, what kept you this time?" I questioned him.

He opened his mouth, but nothing came out and then he just grinned.

"Lexi?" I asked, smiling.

He blushed deeply, and put up a book to cover his face.

I smiled wider, and turned around. "You're hopeless, boy," I said.

"Hey, hey!" he pulled me back in my seat. "We were JUST talking," he said.

My eyebrow quirked. "Mmmhmmm…" I said sarcastically.

"We were!" he said.

"Shhh," I put a finger to my lips. "I believe you, but I highly doubt you were talking," I said.

"UH!" he said.

Mr. Johnson looked up at him mysteriously.

"Shut your mouth," I giggled, once Mr. Johnson had turned back around. "You're gonna get yourself in more trouble than it's worth," I said.

He grumbled.

I shook my head in a silly motion. "All I meant, was…I highly doubted you were JUST talking…you never JUST talk to Lexi. You ALWAYS flirt," I said.

He smiled. "Well, if you put it that way…" he smirked.

I slapped him.

"Miss Kowlski," Mr. Johnson said. "Quit flirting with your lover, please."

A look of shock came across me. In fact, across everyone. Lexi and Nick had been dating for two years.

Mr. Johnson cleared his throat dramatically. Conveniently, smart alic Todd raised his hand and informed us what the point of life was all about. Needless to say, Mr. Johnson was amazed and enthralled, causing him to ignore the rest of the class for the remaining half hour.

"So…Nick, tell me about your love life," I giggled, turning around again.

He shook his head. "Tell me about yours first…"

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