Tears of the Heavens

"Why do you doubt?" The wind whispered to her, stretching each syllable as it echoed repeatedly into the serene night until it gradually faded.

She flinched in response and bit her bottom lip at the irony of the question. Hadn't she just been contemplating such a question? However, she remained silent as if she planned on ignoring the inquiry altogether but when a heavy sigh emancipated from her being, the wind knew she would respond.

"I doubt… because I can not see and I can not hear. I doubt… because I can not touch and I can not feel. And I doubt… because I can only blindly love." She finally murmured, her soulful brown eyes staring at the autumn leaves beside her feet.

Another breeze picked up, whipping her long hair over her heart-shaped face and she shuddered from the unexpected chill. "How?" The wind asked. "How do you not see and hear? You are neither blind nor deaf."

"I see not what I desire to see but the image of a dear friend and I hear not of the voice I wish to hear." She honestly answered, keeping her voice low as she pulled her jacket tighter against her frail body.

She waited for a response but received none. The night was still and unearthly quiet. She glanced about, growing desperate for this much needed conversation.

The leaves swirled into the air when another strong gust of wind emerged, forming the figure she longed to see. Gasping unbelievably, she blinked and the image disappeared, leaving her crestfallen.

The roar of the wind, however, still rang vociferously in her ear, yet she didn't know if the wind had truly spoken or if she was simply losing her sanity. "What do you not feel? Why can you not touch?"

"I can neither touch the true arms that embraces me so affectionately nor the true shoulders I lay my head upon. I frequently can not feel the love he claims to hold for one such as myself."

"Then why do you choose to love what you do not know?" It asked again with curiosity.

"I have forsaken all for this blind love." She explained to the wind, tilting her head towards the sky, allowing the memories to flow.

"Is this love worth all that you have forsaken?"

"Although within my mind, I am unsure," she began, "but in my heart, I know it is so."

"In what ways?"

A single word; a single syllable; but yet it held the answer to so many plaguing thoughts within her mind.

"Although it may not be his embrace that envelopes me with warmth but he is there nonetheless, just unknown to others." She began softly. "Although I and many others can not feel his love, I know it is there lingering just beneath the surface. And although it may be blind love—it is still love nevertheless. A love I have long forgotten or have never known otherwise. One that challenges yet relents; acquires but also receives; silent but ragingly loud; sometimes painful yet… worth every moment."

"Then, do you still doubt?"

She smiled then; a wistful, soft smile as her eyes shone vividly with confined emotions. "No…" She whispered, smiling still. "I no longer doubt. My love for him holds so strong, no longer is there room for doubt to develop."

Then the wind laughed— a jovial and lighthearted laugh— before a sudden raindrop fell from the sky and upon the delicate curve of her smile. She gave a puzzled glance at the darkened sky. It was not supposed to rain tonight, she knew. The weather forecast as well as the clouds had shown no signs of oncoming rain. Lightening unexpectedly flashed and thunder crashed soundly before a steady downpour of rain erupted, drenching the young woman within minutes.

Sighing, she stood and turned to walk up the steps leading back to the house. "Aeryn, why is it raining?" Her little brother asked from the front porch, rubbing his sleepy eyes. Something spoke out in her heart, lucid and sharp, as if it had been there all along deliberately trying to get her to listen.

And she knew at that very moment that she held Heaven's blessings, for this rain— these wintry yet warm raindrops— are the delighted tears of the Heavens.