This little thing isn't really about my life. Its just something I wrote when I was bored. Its a conversation between two of my own fictional characters.

When A appears it means that Alethea is talking and then when N appears it means that Neorah is.

The Life of Me

Characters: Alethea and Neorah

A: Welcome to the life of me! A little segment that the author(see above) whipped up when she was bored.

N: Okay, hold the phone. Is this about you me or me me?

A:Uhhhhhhhh...its about me me.

N: You mean me?

A: Nooooo! Its about me, myself.

N: Now why would anyone want to write something about you?

A: Well I am the main character, You're just a minor. :P

N: Hey! I'm the one stuck with having to put up with your crap and keeping your butt in line.

A: I don't mess up that much.

N: Keep telling yourself that, Ire, and maybe some day you actually might believe it.

A: I take offense by that, ya know.

N: Take it anyway you like. (starts mumbling under her breath) how in the world did I get stuck with her as a partner.

A: I heard that. If you have a problem you take it up with Sorneya.

N: Ya right and risk getting my butt mantelled on a wall. No thanks.

A: Oh face it, you're afraid of my sister aren't you?

N: Didn't I just basically say that?

A: O you did? (shrugs) Oh well.

N: (slaps hand on forehead) Do you ever listen?

A: Only when I want too

N: (turns around) Oh great. She has selective hearing.

A: Did you say something? ( looks over at her)

N: NOOO nothing at all.

A: Hey, Eirian, what did Sorneya say during the lecture she gave this morning? I forgot.

N: She said to keep you mouth shut and eyes and ears open!! (starts to growl)

A: Oh ya, Now I remember but what was the lecture for anyways?

N: (getting fustrated) Because you were drooling over Cian during training this morning!!

A: I was not!!

N: Were too! I actually had to wipe your mouth you drooled so much. Your lucky he didn't see that.

A: What?! You gotta admit he looks good while handling a sword. If only...

N: Keep dreaming (Neorah hits Alethea upside the head, Alethea falls to the ground witha thump) And that's all the time we hae folks. The Author would really appreciate it if you review. Buh-Bye(she bows).